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HELPS tea review

Having trouble sleeping? Relax and sip a cup of HELPS tea!

Helps teas are specifically made to aid in certain health-related issues  such as: trouble sleeping, digestive help, and low-sugar diets. I was very excited in reviewing this product, as i had never heard of HELPS teas prior to this review and enjoy finding new teas to try.

This tea line has been around since 1959 with a commitment to quality, and it definitely shows when you sip their teas. HELPS teas are natural and don’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives. Learn more about their products by checking out their site at HELPS teas.

My teas arrived in the mail, neatly packed and within a week of my order confirmation. I received six boxes of teas which included: organic R&R, organic easy digestion, breathe, for low sugar diets, make it easy, and organic green tea. I decided to try almost all the teas, so I could provide a thorough review. Check out my experience with each tea below, and share your opinion on this innovative drink in the comments section.

HELPS organic R&R

A typical day at work leaves most people drained, especially Mondays. There is something about Mondays that make it the toughest day of the week. Which is why i would recommend HELPS organic R&R to find it’s way into your life! Rest and relax goes hand in hand, but sometimes is easier said than done. Whether it’s from a hectic work schedule or living a busy life in general, this tea is the perfect remedy to forget the stress and just relax.

The ingredients in R&R are lemon balm leaf and passionflower, with a 100% organic promise. It’s always nice seeing a short list of ingredients on something you ingest, and even better when you can actually pronounce what’s in it! The lemon balm in R&R gives this tea a nice crisp taste, and definitely helped in catching some Z’s. Great option if you are having trouble falling asleep, or just want an aid in relaxing. This tea is the perfect ending to a long-stressful day, and even better when paired with a nice warm bath prior to drinking it!

Helps breathe

I was pretty excited about trying breathe after i read it’s benefits. It’s designed to strengthen your immune system and help respiratory function, as well as aid in sinus issues. I hate sinus infections and related symptoms. Nothing is worse than feeling clogged sinuses and the energy-draining feel/aches that follow.

The ingredients found in Breathe are: organic thyme, eucalyptus leaf, propietary blend, organic mint and linden. Mint teas are my favorite, and i found Breathe to be a nice minty blend! The eucalyptus and organic mint mixed in perfect harmony. Breathe’s taste and scent made it one of my favorite’s of the HELPS line.

HELPS organic easy digestion

Have uncomfortable bloating or stomach problems?  Why not try a cup of tea! Easy digestion is said to support your digestive system and help rid of such problems. It’s also said to have calming and relaxing effects. The ingredients found in easy digestion are organic chamomille, anise and mint.

Another mint-tea treat for me! The taste was subtle, yet still good. I did feel a bit sleepy after this tea, most likely from the chamomille. I didn’t notice a positive or negative effect on my digestive system, but i normally don’t have too many issues with this. I did have a cup after a very heavy/greasy meal, and i noticed it helped tame that bloated uncomfortable feeling.

HELPS organic tea leaves

Organic green tea leaves has dried green tea and spearmint leaves and is said to be great for your skin. Green tea is perhaps one of the most popular teas, as it’s said to help eliminate toxins and keep skin looking youthful.

I love the fact this tea is a mix of green tea and spearmint. Once brewed, it has a subtle hint of the spearmint taste so it’s not overpowering. The spearmint punch adds a refreshing feel to this green tea. I enjoyed this tea very much, and if you love green tea you gotta try this one!

HELPS make it easy

Make it easy can be used to alleviate occassional constipation. Ingredients found in this tea are: senna leaf and fruit, propietary blend, anise, lemon balm, mint, and licorice root.

I didn’t need help with this issue, but wanted to try the tea so i could comment on the taste and any effects i felt. The lemon and mint were the flavors I tasted most, which is a plus for me. I had a cup of this tea late at night, and noticed a relaxed feeling a few minutes after drinking it. I also started feeling sleepy, and had a pretty restful night. I’m not used to sleeping before 1am and occassionally have trouble staying asleep, so this tea will definitely come in handy with that. Unfortunately, i wasn’t having stomach issues around the time i had this tea, but will definitely reach for it if needed.

HELPS for low sugar diets

This tea has a combination of bilberry, elder, juniper, propietary blend, orange and sweet leaf. It’s sugar-free and may be a good source in maintaining blood sugar levels.

For low sugar diets is the only tea i didn’t taste. Instead, I decided to give it to my mom for my dad. He has diabetes and i figured this would be a great tea for him, since his diet and tea-drinking options are limited.

Overall, I enjoyed doing taste tests on this tea line and am glad HELPS tea reached out to me for this opportunity. It’s great knowing exactly what goes into something you drink, and even better when those ingredients are specifically chosen to aid in certain health issues. HELPS teas also has a children’s line which doesn’t have any artificial color, preservatives, or added sugar. You can find more information about their kid’s tea line and their regular HELPS teas at Helpsteas.com or purchase a box and try them out for yourself here!

Have you tried HELPS teas?! How did you like it? Did it help with any health discomfort/issue you were having?

Why you should always eat breakfast

Eat breakfast like a queen! Meaning, don’t skip and eat plenty of it!

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Most of your day’s energy is derived from the first nourishing source you provide your body with, though many people skip this important meal due to whatever reason. This is a bad habit, if you too skip or don’t eat sufficient during breakfast, start getting in the habit of doing so!

A breakfast rich in protein will give you the energy to get through the day, and keep hunger at bay until lunch time. It also prevents cravings which lead to unhealthy snacking and overeating. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going, helps maintain a healthy weight, and will help keep you on track when you’re conscious on what you’re eating. Breakfast provides your body with minerals and vitamins, gives you energy and helps with concentration. If you decide to skip breakfast, you might find it hard to keep focused while at school or work, and even get cranky or a headache after a long period of time.

The best meals consist of protein and fiber rich foods, which means avoid processed and sugary ones. Eating a donut or other pastry and washing it down with your favorite energy drink won’t do much for your body, except hike up your glucose levels and crash down after a couple hours. This exposes you to wanting more sugar, rather than getting any actual nutrition. Cereal is glorified as a quick and nutritious option, though it most often is loaded with sugar and starches which won’t provide your body with enough energy or nutrients. The best breakfast, especially when you want to satisfy your hunger and maintain a healthy weight, is made up of fiber and protein. Eat eggs, or egg whites, with beans, some type of meat, and a side of veggies. Eating protein and fiber will keep your body fueled until your next meal, making it easier to get through the day.

Here are a few protein and fiber rich breakfast options:
  1. Heat cooked beans in a frying pan, preferably black or pinto, and add two eggs. Scramble eggs with beans, and add some spinach. Eat with a side of cooked ham.
  2. Cook two eggs sunny side up, or to your preference, and eat with a side of cooked turkey sausage. To incorporate veggies, cut up half a tomato into thin slices and season with pepper.
  3. Heat cooked ground beef in a pan, and add two eggs. Scramble eggs and beef, and add some spinach. Eat with a side of lentils and a turkey patty.

If you honestly don’t have time to make a real meal for breakfast, at least drink a protein shake and grab some veggies or a Greek yogurt on the go. Got any breakfast tips you’d like to share? Comment below!

What’s your take on this topic? Do you agree with eating breakfast daily, or most often skip it? Share below!



Eternal youth: four fruits that keep you beautiful

Eternal youth has been in hot pursuit for centuries.

While much of the interest in the life elixir revolves around eternal life, a huge aspect of it is being perpetually young. In our society, youth is equivalent to beauty and ease. Being young means being beautiful and being happy. While there is likely no magic potion we can drink to give us endless beauty and health, there are several real-life edibles that encourage it. These four fruits bear components that slow the physical effects of aging and help to keep us healthy.

1. Cherry

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For centuries, the cherry has been used within the practice of cosmetology. Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Iron, cherry juice is proven to help maintain tender and supple skin in the face. With numerous pricey creams and lotions marketed as skin rejuvenators and tighteners, many likely exhibit much of the same components and vitamins that cherries possess. Plus several more harsh chemicals! Cherries are a natural way to rejuvenate the skin on your face, revealing a more youthful and glowing complexion. In addition to revitalizing the skin, cherries have several other health related benefits. It has also been suggested that cherries can reduce the inflammation caused by illnesses such as heart disease or arthritis. Moreover, cherries are thought to benefit muscle strength for individual’s suffering from chronic pain disorder.

2. Pomegranate

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With natural antioxidants, pomegranate helps to protect your skin from the harsh threats of the environment around us. Proven to shield our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, pomegranate can help make our skin appear more youthful and keep it healthy. The high levels of antioxidants found in pomegranate juice act directly on the skins cells, slowing down the aging process and nurturing the very core of our skins being. Research has shown that pomegranate juice has an even larger antioxidant capacity than red wine or green tea. Within further studies, some researchers found that pomegranate juice slows cholesterol oxidation by almost half.


3. Apricot

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As a great source of fiber, Vitamin C, iron, zinc, Vitamin B, Calcium, Potassium, and many more, there is no question that apricots provide both health and act as a beauty aid. With vitamins and minerals known to nourish and revitalize our skin, apricot is a common ingredient in beautifying skin treatments. Furthermore, because apricot is low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, this fruit provides a great step in weight control and a healthy diet.


4. Olive

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Designated as the symbol for life and health, ancient Greeks recognized the health and beauty benefits olives provided. Nearly every component of the olive tree can offer health and beauty benefits. Both the olive fruit and the olive leaves can be used within a healthy and natural skincare regimen. Olive essence is used to protect the skin cells from harsh environmental threats, such as ultraviolet rays and pollution. Furthermore, the antioxidants found within olive essence helps to maintain supple and youthful skin. Olives have been long considered a culinary delicacy, since they are both healthy and delicious.

Author Bio:
This guest post is contributed by Leslie Johnson, who writes about health, green living, parenting related articles at masters in healthcare administration.

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Natural ways to look 10 years younger

Looking young is a dream shared by most.  Aging worsens the appearance by roughening the skin, changing the texture of hair, and causing physical deterioration. Reversing the process of aging and maintaining skin fresh and glowing requires high quality skin care products and a nutritious diet. Here are some good tips to reverse the process of aging!


  • Sun Exposure – Keep it limited. Sun is good for skin as it provides vitamin D, but too much exposure is very dangerous since it can cause premature wrinkles and cancer. Avoid directly facing the sun to prevent face exposure. Skin cancer is very common in people who spend a great amount of time in direct exposure to the sun.


  • Sunscreen-  For longer exposure to sunlight, you need to use sunscreen on your face and other exposed areas. For lighter skin, sunscreen with a high SPF is better. You can also try oil free sun block which is less thick and not as greasy, they are also available in spray or dry forms. Sunblock helps by maintaining skin cells healthy and moisturized.

  • Water Consumption- Drinking plenty of water is good for keeping the body hydrated especially in warmer weather, and when your body needs replenishing water that is lost through perspiration. It also works in treating headaches and constipation that result from dehydration. It’s advisable to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin shining and wrinkle-free.

  • Moisturizing- Moisturizing is not just the need of women, but of men as well. The same moisturizer can be shared, but moisturizers especially for men are available. Moisturizers can be applied to your skin at night before going to bed and in the morning. They help in removing fine lines and preventing further wrinkles. Be sure to wash your face with soap and water before moisturizing, which helps in removing impurities from the skin.


  • Exfoliation- This is a very important step. Using a scrub three times a week helps in getting rid of wrinkles. Removing dead skin will give you a new, young, and healthy look. Exfoliation is essential for bringing new cells at the upper layer while scrubbing away the old ones.

  • Nutrition- Your diet matters a  lot. For healthier skin avoid food that is rich in sugar, refined wheat, sodium and fat. Do not skip breakfast and include vegetables in your routine diet. Vegetables should be a frequent part of your daily meals, even as juices or fresh veggie smoothies.

Your skin will look younger and healthier by bringing changes to your diet and lifestyle. Following the natural skin care advice mentioned above, will reverse the skin age by ten years.
It is your turn to think and start working on your personal skin care regime. Your skins’ appearance is a reflection of your inner health, so take great care of both!.

Author Bio:
I am an expert content writer having professional background of writing on critical health issues. Currently, I have rendered my services to NSI. NSI deals in hormone replacement therapy to bring hormonal balance among hormone deficient patients. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and low testosterone treatments are the focus of our all procedures. NSI aims at making, both men and women “Young for longer years” with healthy mind and body.
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Why sushi is healthy for you

Sushi may keep your heart healthy and lower your cholesterol.

Fish is a great source of protein and contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which are good to keep your cholesterol in check and  a good source of fat. Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish, which has gained much popularity throughout the world. Sushi is prepared in different styles either in rolls or as in Sashimi , thinly sliced raw fish. Below is a mouth-watering picture of an Unagi roll, which is a roll topped with broiled freshwater eel.

Sushi is healthy for you in moderation.

Recent studies have linked certain  fish to have a high mercury count, especially if eaten frequently as in this article. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/12/18/high-mercury-count-how-it_n_152167.html

If eaten once every week you’d be getting a good source of protein and calcium. Sushi rolls also have a good amount of vitamins and help your digestive system. As with other meals, moderation is always the key. Seaweed used in sushi is also high in protein and calcium. Rice is high in fiber and minerals. Most of the ingredients used to make traditional sushi rolls are natural, such as avocado, ginger, carrots, asparagus, cucumber and tofu.

Fish is one of the best ways to get protein in your diet.

Eating a meal rich in protein is a good idea after a vigorous workout to refuel your body. Protein also prevents certain health issues like kidney problems, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Want to make your own sushi? Check out this Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit and give it a try 🙂

Top 3 Benefits of Indian food

Spices and  herbs fill the room when Indian cuisine is being prepared.

Religious beliefs and culture have influenced changes in the preparation of various dishes. Indian food has become very popular throughout the world with over 10,000 restaurants in England and Wales as of 2003.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_cuisine

Besides it’s yummy taste it’s said to have ingredients that are very healthy for you.

Top 3 benefits of enjoying this cuisine are:

1. Turmeric is said to slow Alzheimer’s disease.

Turmeric is yellow and has a somewhat bitter taste. “Researchers have suggested that turmeric could play a role in slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease…” http://eating.health.com/2008/02/29/indias-curative-spices/ It also aids in digestive disorders and works as an anti-inflammatory.

2. Coriander might help lower cholesterol and is a great source of fiber.

Coriander, also known as cilantro and dhania, has acids which are said to be helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. Essential oils have anti-arthritic properties which also help reduce swelling,   and minerals and vitamins make it high in fiber and a good source of iron. This link provides a better understanding on coriander and it’s many benefits. http://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/herbs-and-spices/health-benefits-of-coriander.html

3. Cumin used in many Indian dishes may help prevent cancer.

Cumin is said to have “detoxifying and chemo-preventive properties” and also aids in digestive disorders. The seeds are rich in iron and help ease common cold symptoms as well.  http://www.indianetzone.com/41/benefits_cumin.htm

Check out the video below for an easy to follow guide on making Samosas, a traditional appetizer in Indian cuisine. A samosa is a pastry stuffed with spices, peas, potatoes, lentils, and lamb or chicken.

Indian food is full of flavor, one of my favorite dishes is tandoori chicken . What are some of your favorite dishes???