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Lipsense by SeneGence review: Read before you buy

Have you heard about LipSense? Been added to a LipSense party on Facebook? Wondering if you should buy or skip it? Well, then you have come to the right place! Check out pictures, swatches, and an honest, non-affiliated review, that will help you decide whether you should try LipSense, or pass it up.

I heard about LipSense from one of my friends who had tried and loved the long lasting lipsticks. I was pretty excited to try one out for myself when she decided to host a LipSense Facebook party. So, I decided to buy a kit and see if they lived up to their hype. 

I purchased a LipSense lipstick in “hazelnut”, a matte gloss, and the oops remover. I chose the shade hazelnut, because I wanted a color that was soft enough for daily use, but not too light that it would seem as if I wasn’t wearing lipstick. I also prefer more neutral, nude tones, rather than pink or berry hues. The color did not disappoint when applied. Hazelnut is a nice light brown, very neutral, yet noticeable shade. 

LipSense by SeneGence offers a few types of glosses, since I don’t like glossy lips on myself, I chose a matte gloss. The gloss is recommended to seal the color and ensure long lasting results. I applied my matte gloss approximately five seconds after applying my hazelnut lipstick, as the directions said, and was once again pleased with the results. Did as promised, gave me a matte hazelnut pout. 

The oops remover is recommended to remove the lipstick, since the LipSense promise is waterproof, kiss proof, and smudge proof. So, in case you make a mistake when applying, you can go ahead and fix it with the oops remover; and when you are ready to remove your lipstick you go ahead and do so with oops as well. 

To answer one of the questions you probably have, YES, it is definitely water, smudge and kiss proof! I applied my LipSense in the morning and drank my coffee, ate my meals, kissed my kids and husband, drank my water, and the color lasted through it all. I even did a late evening workout, and my LipSense stayed put. There is some fading that occured on the inner part of my lips, but I didnt notice it until probably after the seventh or eight hour of wear, which is pretty good considering I didn’t reapply once.

Now, let’s talk money. Pricey? In my opinion,  yes. The lipstick is $25, the gloss is $20 and the oops remover  $10. But, I must admit, I am happy with my purchase. I like the color, and I love the fact I can apply it at the start of my day and not worry about it fading away immediately after breakfast, or doing a side kiss to avoid ruining my lipstick when my hubby goes in for a kiss. The oops remover, I could do without. I feel confident enough in my application, that I don’t feel a need for it. And the color does eventually come off, so with a little lip scrub before bed one night, I was able to remove it from my lips. 

One thing I did not like, is the fact the main ingredient in LipSense lipstick is alcohol. When I saw that, I was like oops, dry lips for sure. But, since there is shea butter in the gloss, my lips didn’t seem noticeably dry after wearing it. Another thing, that tingly feeling you get when you use lip plumping lipsticks, you get that same feeling when applying the LipSense color. It wasn’t a good or bad sensation in my experience, but something to point out.  

Overall, I don’t regret my purchase. If you are considering trying out LipSense, I say go for it. Get the lip color you like and a gloss of your choice, but in my opinion, skip the oops remover. 

Have you tried LipSense? Do you like it, or not? Share your experience in the comments!

MDM Flow lipstick review and swatch

When lipsticks come in a cute and fancy package, it increases the chance they will get picked up. When they stain your lips in a nice shade, and are packaged in a fancy gold-bullet-like tube they are officially a must-have for all you beauty junkies. Behold the beautiful lipsticks (both inside and out) MDM Flow in a variety of pretty colors.

MDM flow is a cool brand of lipsticks that specializes in all shades ranging from a buff nude to a ravishing blue. I stumbled upon this little gem and decided to try out their “sweet escape” shade, which is a pretty little nude shade. Choosing the right nude, can be a tricky thing depending on your skin tone, but this shade seems to me that it would be pretty flattering on all. The texture is very creamy, and once applied looks great on your lips. Check out the pictures below for a swatch and what it looks once applied.

Overall, I am very much satisfied with my MDM flow stick. I love how it applies, how it looks, and it’s also not a bad thing that the gold tube looks good in your hand. If you have not yet tried these beauties, I would definitely recommend you do. If you have, what shade is your favorite?!

The best nude lip tutorial

Nude lipstick and subtle makeup is by far one of my favorite looks. Mainly because it’s a neutral look, and also nude shades make your lips appear fuller. Another plus is nude lips can be worn year-round.

There are a few lipsticks I have purchased, which were advertised as a “nude”shade but actually appear more pinker or darker than I prefer. So below are a few lipsticks which are a true nude for you to checkout.

Mac-peach stock or myth

wet n wild- pink suga

elf- jumbo lip gloss stick in “in the nude”

I have noticed that some nude lipsticks dry my lips, so you will need to start with soft lips. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips to avoid flaky skin. An easy DIY tip is to take some sea salt and mix it with a bit of coconut oil. Apply the mix to you lips and rub in a circular motion for a minute or two. Rinse off with cool water and you are set. Do this once or twice a week for baby soft lips.

Quick steps to achieve a nude lip

  • Start with a lip liner to achieve defined lips, with lipstick that stays in place. If you are not a big fan of lip liner, you can go for lipstick alone. However, the reason I do recommend lip liner is, because you can better define your lips and it prevents lipstick from bleeding (or fanning out). Lip liner can also help lips look plumper, since you can use it to subtly line a little bit over your natural lip line for an illusion of a bigger pout. Find a good shade to match your nude lipstick by either matching the exact shade, or using a nude liner a few shades darker.

how to apply nude lipstick

  • Once your lips are lined, use a brush to lightly blend the liner into your lips. This helps liner and lipstick to blend for a more natural look.

best nude lip tutorial

  • Now you are ready for that color. Apply your lipstick. A quick tip to make your lipstick last longer is: press a tissue between your lips to remove a bit of color, then apply setting powder to lips with a brush, and re-apply lipstick. If you’d like, you can apply clear lip balm, but it’s not needed if you started with exfoliated lips.

mac peach stock lipstick

And voilà, your pretty nude lips are ready! I love discovering new products, so share your favorite nude lipsticks and liners below

step by step nude lip tutorial

Ombre lips tutorial

Ombre lips are a hot makeup trend in which a few shades are used to achieve a blended look with a color fading into a softer/darker shade.

image credit

One of my favorite ombre lips makeup artist is Loreleicakes, check out her instagram by clicking her name she has many pictures of different ombre lip looks and great makeup tips. This lip trend is pretty and wearable, just don’t try a blue look for the office:).

I like ombre lips in coral and pinks/reds the best. They are a nice look to try when you want to play up your lips. If you want to try this look during the day, just put on some blush, and a bit of eye liner and mascara. Keep it simple and let your lips take center stage.

Check out a quick tutorial below if you want to do ombre lips on yourself. You can test it out and use different colors to achieve your own personal look!

How to wear red lips: a classic trend

Red is the color of passion! Red lips always look more luscious and appear to look fuller.

image credit

This trend is pretty vintage, yet won’t ever grow old. Since the color makes a bold statement when dealing with makeup, it’s a good idea to go light on the rest of your face. Meaning opting for more natural-looking eyes and cheeks. A few ladies prefer not to mess with red lipstick due to the fact it can be pretty tricky to pull off wearing it. A nice way to wear it is with just a bit of eyeliner and mascara and peachy/ bronzed cheeks. Just enough makeup to draw attention to the main focus, your lips.

A few brands of makeup promise all-day lasting red lips, personally one of my favorite red lipsticks is Revlon’s Fire & Ice. It applies very smooth, and the color is true to the swatch at the store. I don’t like using the store testers, so I’m pretty happy with my purchase when a product looks as good on my lips as it did on the actual swatch. Here are a few red lipsticks to look through.

Whether you’re dressed down or getting all fancy, red lips are a nice option either way. As i mentioned, red lipstick makes lips look more full and another great thing, they make teeth look whiter. It is possible to pull off smokey eyes and red lips at once, but it’s recommended for a night look. Personally, when wearing red lips not much makeup is required as the color is bold enough on its own.

image credit

When applying red lipstick, be sure to use a lip liner to seal your pucker and avoid any bleeding of the color from occuring. Also, first apply chapstick for a smooth application. Since there are many shades of red, it’s a smart idea to to try a shade you feel more comfortable with. Whether it’s darker red, like a burgundy or a classic firetruck red. Winged eyeliner, with lots of mascara is a nice choice for a vintage feel when paired with red lips. Be sure to fill in your brows for a dramatic, yet natural feel. Use a bronze blush for a high-cheekbone look, and a peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy complexion. Red lipstick is a fun way to play with makeup, but the most important feauture when wearing this daring shade is confidence 🙂

Do you like wearing red lipstick?! What is your favorite brand and shade?!

Lipstick trends

Women have been wearing lipstick for centuries to accentuate their pretty pouts or express an image.

Lipstick comes in various shades and textures, you can pretty much change your lip shade as your mood does.

Lipstick trends have come and gone like blue or jet black lips, others like classic red lips stay forever. It sometimes goes unnoticed even though it’s universally worn by many women and men.

I don’t often wear lipstick unless I have an event or fancy dinner to attend, but it was my introduction into the world of makeup as a young child going through my moms purse. That simple tube many of us carry around in our purse or store in the fridge has come a long way and has quite a story.

Lipstick is believed to have first been used in ancient Mesopotamia, where women would use crushed jewels to decorate their lips.

Soon after, Egyptian women started using bugs, plants and other objects to add color to their lips, as we have seen many paintings of Cleopatra with red lips. During the Elizabethan era, lipstick  became widely accepted and used. Queen Elizabeth’s black lips made history, but soon came the Victorian era and out went the love for lipstick. It became banned and to be used only by prostitutes and actresses. The roaring 20’s brought back the use of lipstick and went from women being ashamed of being seen with colored lips in public to women powdering their faces pale white, staining their lips bloody-red, and vamping out their eye makeup anytime of the day. Max Factor came out with a line of cosmetics which was only available to movie stars at first, but through much success later on went public. Hazel Bishop, chemist and founder of Hazel Bishop Inc, is said to be the first inventor  to create and sell the first smudge-proof lipstick, which became widely accepted and turned Bishop very wealthy.  ( Lipstick history source: Wikipedia.com)

Could you imagine going to your backyard to catch some bugs and rub their blood and guts all over your lips just before going out on a date?! Or even worse being called a prostitute for wearing lipstick in public. It’s pretty interesting how much history is bottled in a little tube of lipstick.