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DUcare makeup brushes review 

If you like makeup, chances are you own at least one set of makeup brushes. Most quality brushes are pretty expensive, but when it comes to your face you definitely want to choose quality over quantity. Luckily,  there are a few companies committed to creating quality brushes, at affordable prices. DUcare is one of those companies, and not only were they kind enough to send me a set of brushes to review; they also are offering all you lucky readers a 35% discount with this code X5A6SF77. Go pickup some brushes of your own and take advantage of that great discount here!

I received this 10 piece makeup brushes set in a quilted black case. The bristles are made of synthetic fibers and are incredibly soft and fluffy. The ferrule is made of satin silver aluminum, and the handles are made of a matte black wood and feel sturdy. Upon first sight these brushes look impressive for their price. The first thing I did was wash them, and I am happy to report no shedding of the bristles occurred. Using them to apply my makeup was the fun part. They pick up makeup well and application was smooth since the bristles are soft and not at all harsh on my face.

The brush set includes four brushes for your face (from left to right). Large powder brush, shaped foundation brush, angled brush, and flat foundation brush.

Also included are six eye, lip and brow brushes  (from left to right). Angled brow brush, eye liner brush, lip liner brush, flat eye brow brush, eye shadow brush, blending brush.

The brushes come in this handy and cute black quilted case, and a brushegg to clean brushes is included as a free gift.

Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of these brushes. I know a lot of people prefer MAC or Bobbi Brown brushes; but if you are looking for a brush set at an affordable price, I definitely recommend you at least check out DUcare’s selection. They are available at Amazon.com and you can also read more about their various makeup brushes on their website www.ducare.cc

How to clean your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned in order to avoid breakouts and infections. They are one of those products that are best to be used exclusively by you, and not shared with others, since that can lead to spreading of germs. Unless you are a makeup artist using brushes on clients, you should try to wash your brushes at least once a month. If used on clients, they need to be washed after each application.

Here are steps to easily clean your brushes, in a way that keeps them in tip-top shape for a long time.

1. Gather all brushes that need to be cleaned, as well as a small container and cleaner, and take them into the place you plan on washing.

2. Fill small container with water and makeup brush cleaner. Run brushes under water to remove excess makeup on them, then swirl them one by one in the soap and water mix. Using a paper towel or lint-free towel dry each brush, while using the towel to reshape the bristles.

3. I have heard that it is best to hang brushes bristle side down to dry to avoid water dripping on handles and damaging overtime, but if that is not an option you can simply lay them on a flat surface to dry overnight. If you do want to try hanging them to dry, Sigma sells this pretty cool tower that not only allows you to hang them to dry but also shapes them.

Check out a few makeup brush cleaners below, a good alternative is to use baby shampoo so a few are also included 🙂




Dry & shape your brushes with Sigma Beauty

Washing makeup brushes at least once a week  is a must.

In order to ensure your brushes last a long time and perform as well as when you purchased them, you have to wash and let them dry. This habit is also necessary to avoid bacteria from harboring in your brushes. Clean brushes= a clean face and better makeup application 😀

I usually use a a cleansing spray specifically for makeup brushes, some prefer a bit of shampoo or soap and water. Then I hang them upside down to let the bristles dry without dripping on the handle. Depending on your brushes it can take up to a day for them to fully dry. Which means no makeup the next day…. That’s why Sigma Beauty decided to cut the drying time in more than half by introducing their new product, Dry N Shape!


The Dry-N-Shape system is designed to hold your brushes in an elastic pouch which helps dry them in 4-6 hours as well as preserving their shape, which means no more flat blush brush or bristles sticking out! This system is perfect for makeup artists who need clean brushes fast, as well as every girl who hates waiting for her brushes to dry!

Check out the instructional video below, which shows how simple the Dry ‘N Shape system truly is.

Thoughts or comments?! Share below!

Sigma makeup brushes review

I purchased my first set of Sigma beauty makeup brushes well over a year ago and must say it was a great investment at a very good price.

I decided on the travel kit nice in pink, which has 7 essential makeup brushes including: large powder brush, duo fibre brush (for an airbrush-style effect), large angled contour blush brush, eye-shading brush, concealer brush, tapered blending brush, and pencil brush for precise color application. You get 7 brushes in a very cute pink metallic clutch, making this kit perfect for travel or makeup on the go. These brushes are priced at $49, but Sigma hooks it up with a free gift! Click here to visit www.sigmabeauty.com
Before buying my Sigma kit, i used Mac and Sonia Kashuks line of brushes.Two very opposite lines, Mac is pretty expensive and Sonia Kashuk is priced pretty low, but they got the job done. I’d consider Sigma brushes to be a good alternative to Mac, not as expensive but pretty good quality, and definitely better than Sonia Kashuks line. With the money i spent on my Sigma kit, i would’ve probably been able to purchase two Mac brushes…
Makeup brushes can be expensive, so if you plan to splurge make sure to invest in a good Makeup brush cleaner
Clean your brushes after every use and hang them upside down to dry so the water won’t rust the metal part. If you want your brushes to remain in good condition, don’t skip this step!

Have you tried Sigma beauty products?! I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments!