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Kat Von D Serpentina eyeshadow palette review and looks

Kat Von D’s makeup line is well known for being highly pigmented and a full array of colors. And her latest creation, Serpentina eyeshadow palette, definitely delivers on both. 

The eyeshadows come in a fancy magnetized black case with black and gold being a decorative theme. There are six shimmer shades, two matte and one loose pigment. The names of each shadow are shown on the back of the case. They are pictured above and are:(from left to right) bloodmilk, Medusa, ankh, queen, hieroglyph, Nile, scarab, venom and Prophet. The actual box has a little blurb about Kat’s inspiration for creating this palette. In her own words, “…it’s inspired by the essence of Egypt- Cleopatra, to be specific. ” The palette definitely screams Cleopatra. The colors, names and overall aesthetic very much paint a picture of her, so Kat did a great job on that. 

After testing out the shadows, I found bloodmilk to be my favorite. Though truthfully I picked up this palette because I was specifically looking for a new red shade, but I am really glad I decided to buy this whole palette, rather than just the one shade I was looking for. I was very happy at how vibrant the colors applied and how easy it was to blend them. This palette is very easy to work with, and I know I have already said this but I am truly in love with the beautiful colors. Normally I prefer pressed eyeshadows over loose pigment,  but Prophet might change my mind. The shade is a true gold with slight green undertones. It applies smooth like butter and looks great dry or wet. A couple of the shadows did have some fallout, from my experience Nile and queen had the most. But there are ways to prevent and fix that problem. 

Overall,  I am glad I purchased the Serpentina palette. The variety in shades allows me to create fun and vibrant looks, or more subtle yet sultry ones. I currently use Kat Von D’s eyeliner and it has become one of my favorites,  but this was the first time I tried out her eyeshadows and definitely see myself purchasing more in the future. If you are on the fence about whether or not to get Serpentina,  I’d say go for it. $45 for a quality palette is pretty much the average cost, and if you really think about it you are getting nine eyeshadows for that price, which averages out to $5 per eyeshadow. 

Here are a few looks I created using Kat Von D’s Serpentina eyeshadow palette. If you have the Serpentina palette what did you think about it? Let me know in the comments. And if you liked my review and looks, please share my post!

Benefit they’re real! push up liner review and demo

They’re real! liner is officially here.

Benefit beauty is a makeup line from San Francisco, California; committed to making great beauty products which are also visually appealing with fun and flirty packaging.

Their most recent product, They’re real! Push up liner, has been awaited for with much anticipation. It’s promise was to make applying eyeliner a breeze, with an added bonus of bigger looking eyes.

I finally got my hands on this liner to try it out for myself. Keep on reading for my thoughts on it, and a quick guide on how to use it.

They’re real! Push up liner review

Benefit They're real push up liner review

I got my Benefit liner this weekend and couldn’t wait to try it out for myself, to see if it lived up to the hype. Benefit has been talking about the launch of this little liner on twitter and instagram for the past months and I must say, I’ve never been so excited about an eyeliner to officially be available in stores. Kudos to Benefit for awesome marketing on their part!

They’re real! Push up liner was easy to use and you could see a difference between using it as compared to other liners. It glides on effortlessly and is very easy to get that lash – hugging look. The closer your liner is applied to your lash line, the larger your eyes appear to be. This gives you a cute “doe eye” look.

The liner is not a miracle pen, so if you have a hard time applying liner it won’t automatically give you a flawless line. It does however make the application easier. I think the reason behind easier application is the felt tip which guides the liquid on your lid. Compared to other liquid liners, this one has a velvety texture which makes it easy to glide on and guide across your lid. The liner also dries pretty fast so no smudges or black marks on your lids after you apply. The final result is a rich dark line for sultry eyes. I definitely recommend this product if you are unsure as to whether you’ll like it or not. It’s priced at $24 and does differ compared to other liners at a similar price range.

How does it differ from other liners you ask?! The simple design of a felt tip which dispenses gel, does make a difference. It makes it easier to apply, since it’s almost as though you are using a marker as opposed to a thin brush most liner brands use. Though it is fast drying, mistakes are easily fixed with water. It’s not advertised as waterproof, but it definitely stayed put in the pool. It doesn’t fade out throughout the day, so you’ll have that nice and dark line all day long. It’s also a cleaner eyeliner due to the fact you twist new liquid each time, as opposed to re-dipping each time. The only flaw I saw in this liner is the fact it dries fast on the pen, so be sure to clean the tip after each use to avoid build up from affecting application.

Check out the pictures below which compare a drugstore liquid liner worn during a workday with no re-application versus Benefits’ They’re real! push up liner. (I leave the drugstore liner nameless to avoid any embarrassment on their end).

Drugstore eyeliner versus Benefit They're real push up liner

They're real Push up liner review

Can you guess which is which?! The drugstore liner is the top picture, which as you can see faded out after a full workday. It started out bold and strong, but left my lid looking half-bare at the end of the day. Benefits’ They’re real! push up liner was also put to the test, and as you can see lasted beautifully after a full eight hours. Looked as good as when I originally applied it in the morning.  In my opinion, dishing out some extra cash for a product which lasts all day is worth it.

They’re real! Push up liner demo

The liner has quick instructions on the packaging, along with statistics of bigger looking eyes and a lash – hugging experience. Getting started is very easy, all you have to do is take off the lid and twist the bottom 10-12 times until the liner liquid starts coming out. Then you are ready to apply. 

Check out a demonstration by Benefit below, on creating a sexy winged look with They’re real! Push up liner.

If you want to check out They’re real! Push up liner before committing, head on to a Sephora inside JcPenney this weekend for tips on application or receive a free sample when shopping online at sephora.com using the code below.

sephora- benefit- event


Purple and bronze smokey eye makeup tutorial

Smokey eye shadow looks are a common love among most girls. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Kristen Stewart have been seen sporting different forms of smokey eye makeup looks. This look works great no matter what you complexion is.

Here is a fun purple smokey eye shadow tutorial with a pop of bronze. Make sure to team this look up with a winged liner look, since they look great together. This makeup look can be great for any evening event and will match almost any cocktail dress you choose.

So let’s go straight into how to create this smokey purple and bronze eye shadow look!

Things you will need:

  • eyeshadow primer
  • face compact
  • Eye shadow (Colours Needed Silver, Bronze, Purple, Charcoal/Black)
  • Black Eyeliner pencil
  • Liquid Eye Liner
  • Kajal/Black liner
  • Mascara
  • Lash Curler
  • Lash Comb

Step 1:
On clean eye lids, apply eye shadow primer and blend for a flawless makeup application. Applying primer prior to shadow ensures your look lasts all day and prevents the eye shadow from creasing.





Step 2:
Apply Bronze eye shadow on the whole of the lid without creating any extensions. Apply very evenly on to the whole of the rim.

bronze eye shadow

Step 3
Apply the purple eye shadow on just the crease. Make an enclosed jacket with the purple eye shadow.

bronze and purple eye shadow

Step 4:
Now take the charcoal or black eye shadow and apply on the exterior of the lid to create a Smokey effect. This will give this shadow look an exotic touch.

smokey purple eye shadow

Step 5:
Now use the silver highlighter on the whole of the brow bones. Also apply on to the eye and nose joint.

smokey bronze and purple eyes

Step 6:
The shadowing part is done. Time to move onto the liner. Make a tailed liner extension on to the upper lid only. Do not make it not too thick but as a thin and sleek line running from near the nose joint to the exterior in a winged form.liquid eyeliner on smokey eyes

cat eyeliner


Step 7:
Use a black liner pencil or a kajal on the lower rim. Join the lines at the eye ends but do not extend in a winged form. This will give a completely different kind of a look to this eye makeup other than the usual form of winged extensions.

bronze and purple smokey eyes

Step 8:
Use mascara in a top-down way on the upper lashes and in a zig zag way onto the lower lashes.

applying mascara

Step 9:
Comb the lashes with a lash comb to avoid getting any clumps of mascara. Follow up with another coat of  mascara if you’d like.

eyelash comb for clump free mascara

Step 10:Use a lash curler to add that extra curl effect on your lashes.

eyelash curler

Step 11: Here is a close up of the final look on this amazing bronzed purple smokey eye shadow look. Perfect for a date or night out with the girls!

purple smokey eye tutorial

bronze and purple smokey eye tutorial

Author Bio:

Chetana is an amateur makeup artist from India and founder of StyleCraze – India’s largest beauty network. She is completely addicted to makeup, especially the colour play and the process involved. Visit StyleCraze for more smokey eye looks and other makeup tutorials!

How to wear colored eyeliner

I’m sure you’ve seen those pretty teal and purple eyeliners, but have you ever wondered how to wear them? This post will teach you cute techniques on how to try out this colorful trend for yourself.


  • A nice way to wear colored eyeliners and add more intensity at the same time, is by layering over black liner. Check out step-by-step pictures below so you get a visual idea.

1. Start by applying black eyeliner over your top lid.


 2. Layer colored eyeliner over the black line on your top lid.


 3. Apply mascara, and if you’d like apply colored liner to the bottom lid as well.

teal and black eyeliner


  • Another thing you can try, is using two different colored eyeliners. In the pictures below I opted for blue and gold liners.

blue and gold eyeliners

  • If you want to add eyeshadow, try neutral colors so the main emphasis remains on the bright eyeliner. Nice eyeshadows which work well with most colors are gold, taupe, pearl and similar shades. Of course, if your going for a super bright look, pack on the color!


  • If you prefer black liner on your top lid, you can wear colored eyeliner on the bottom lid instead just like the picture below.




Regardless of how you choose to wear colored eyeliner, don’t forget to coat your lashes with mascara. To intensify the look, add false lashes. This pretty trend can be worn many ways as this post shows, and it’s a fun and easy way to add some color to your look.

How to wear red lips: a classic trend

Red is the color of passion! Red lips always look more luscious and appear to look fuller.

image credit

This trend is pretty vintage, yet won’t ever grow old. Since the color makes a bold statement when dealing with makeup, it’s a good idea to go light on the rest of your face. Meaning opting for more natural-looking eyes and cheeks. A few ladies prefer not to mess with red lipstick due to the fact it can be pretty tricky to pull off wearing it. A nice way to wear it is with just a bit of eyeliner and mascara and peachy/ bronzed cheeks. Just enough makeup to draw attention to the main focus, your lips.

A few brands of makeup promise all-day lasting red lips, personally one of my favorite red lipsticks is Revlon’s Fire & Ice. It applies very smooth, and the color is true to the swatch at the store. I don’t like using the store testers, so I’m pretty happy with my purchase when a product looks as good on my lips as it did on the actual swatch. Here are a few red lipsticks to look through.

Whether you’re dressed down or getting all fancy, red lips are a nice option either way. As i mentioned, red lipstick makes lips look more full and another great thing, they make teeth look whiter. It is possible to pull off smokey eyes and red lips at once, but it’s recommended for a night look. Personally, when wearing red lips not much makeup is required as the color is bold enough on its own.

image credit

When applying red lipstick, be sure to use a lip liner to seal your pucker and avoid any bleeding of the color from occuring. Also, first apply chapstick for a smooth application. Since there are many shades of red, it’s a smart idea to to try a shade you feel more comfortable with. Whether it’s darker red, like a burgundy or a classic firetruck red. Winged eyeliner, with lots of mascara is a nice choice for a vintage feel when paired with red lips. Be sure to fill in your brows for a dramatic, yet natural feel. Use a bronze blush for a high-cheekbone look, and a peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy complexion. Red lipstick is a fun way to play with makeup, but the most important feauture when wearing this daring shade is confidence 🙂

Do you like wearing red lipstick?! What is your favorite brand and shade?!

Color block makeup

Bright makeup is a fun, trendy look for the summer!

Color blocking involves matching two or more shades for a fun way to play up color. This fashion trend also extends to the beauty scene. Either by blending two bright eye shadows to create a colorful  look, or by wearing a colorful array of makeup all over. Check out these lovely pictures for inspiration and create your own color block look.

Which is your favorite color block makeup look?!
  • Color block your eyes by mixing a bright blue eyeliner with hints of gold shadow and matte berry lips.

image credit

  • Play up blue eyes with greens, teal, and white shadows. A dark and well defined line on your upper lashes makes for an intense look.

image credit

  • This look is for the daring! Very intense bursts of color with a blocked shape to match.

image credit

  • This is a perfect way to color block for summertime! The colors blend so well to create delicious looking lips. Pair with a confident smile!

image credit

  • This is my favorite image. Mixing lime green lids with an intense black line on your upper lashes, and red-berry lips blends in perfect harmony when color blocking. Perhaps a bit intense for most, but looks lovely on this model.

image credit

Would you try color blocking your makeup?! Whats your favorite color combinations to play with?!

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