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Jamberry nails review and application demo

Are your nails jammin yet?! If they are not, let me introduce you to this cool trend for glamorous nails- Jamberry nail wraps.

Nail wraps have been a huge trend these past years, mostly because they offer the commodity of getting cool designs on your nails right at home, and they are less expensive than going to your local nail salon. But what makes Jamberry nail wraps so special? Keep reading for a review on application, overall product and a video demo for accurate application of the wraps.

I first heard about Jamberry nail wraps through a Facebook party hosted by one of my friends. The Jamberry consultant, Theresa, was very informative and kept the virtual party interesting with contests and lots of pictures of various designs offered by Jamberry. If you want to learn more about hosting your own Jamberry party or becoming a consultant, contact Theresa here.

Throughout the party, Theresa offered free samples so you could try out the wraps before committing. Which I definitely took advantage of, and received a lace and floral wrap sample to check out. Each sample was good for two nails, and I used the scraps as tips for a fun look on a classic French. Below are pictures of the wraps on my nails for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Jamberry lace and floral  nails review

I loved the designs! They look very fashionable and definitely don’t look like stick-ons. As far as appearance, I’d say Jamberry knows what they’re doing. The designs are very nice, and the selection is great to satisfy different tastes.

The application process looked pretty simple, but be warned follow everything by the book to be sure your wraps last a week or two and don’t fall off sooner. The video below is a great tool for those of you who are visual learners. I also included step by step application if that’s more your style.

jamberry nail wrap application


  • You get to change the design on your nails to match your mood, or event you’ll be attending.
  • One sheet of nail wraps will last you a few uses, so it’s definitely less expensive than going to the nail salon.
  • You can host your own Jamberry party and invite friends to check out the nail wraps, while you score some free stuff. (Depending on sales made during party)
  • If you know what you’re doing, application time is pretty quick.
  • No drying time or waiting under the UV light, and no damage to natural nails. This makes Jamberry nail wraps great to apply on your daughters, nieces or any youngster in your life- or even better throw a Jamberry nail wrap makeover party 🙂


  • The application process might be a little tricky for some. As mentioned don’t rush your first time, and check out the demo video before trying it out.
  • This might not necessarily be a con of the product, but you don’t get that salon experience. Some women like getting pampered or planning a salon trip with their friends.

Overall, I’m pretty happy I got the opportunity to learn about Jamberry nail wraps and try them out for myself. They are definitely worth buying if you are the type of girl who loves changing up her nail color/design, and are open to saving money by skipping salon visits.

10 Christmas inspired nail art tutorials

In case you’d like to add a Christmas-themed design to your nails this year, check out the tutorials below for ten cute ideas. Most of them are pretty easy to do yourself, but if you’re having a hard time drawing the designs; the best tip is to practice until you are happy with the results. There’s plenty of time to practice ’til the day you get to show off your nails 🙂

I think I might try the Santa French manicure, which one do you like best?










Kiss nail dress review

Dress your nails in pretty designs within minutes with Kiss sticky nail strips.

The box comes with twenty eight strips which can be used on finger and toenails.  I got mine in “Bustier ” at Luckys for $6.99. They also had zebra designs in black and white and neon colors. Pretty much you size a strip to match your nail, stick it on your nail, fold the excess, and file down. It’s said to last up to ten days,  but can also be easily removed.

click the link to ->  buy the nail dress pictured above

Overall I was very satisfied with this product. It was also much simpler than I expected. Took me under ten minutes, and I had pretty nails with a gorgeous design right at home. I hope they deliver,as stated on the box and do last ten days. I will post an updated picture and status in a few.

*UPDATE: Check out the picture below. It was taken 12 days after I applied my nails. Kiss nail dress does as promised and lasts for up to 10 days! Besides the fact my nails grew, the nail stickers themselves remained in pretty good condition.

Check out a video on how to apply Kiss nail dress below…


Have you used Kiss nail dress strips?! Which style did you choose?!

Julep maven box review & giveaway!

*Giveaway closed. And the winner is….
Meaghan Mulligan
Thank you all for reading and participating! Get your own maven box at www.Julep.com for only $5 with your coupon code BEAUTYCAREME at checkout!!

Have you become a Maven yet?!

I was given the opportunity by the lovely Jennifer from Julep Maven to check out the cute items received by Mavens all over. She was so generous she decided to share the love and host a Julep Maven box giveaway for one of you lucky ladies 🙂 Read on to see what the Maven box has inside and what you can do to win your very own! Or redeem your coupon code BEAUTYCAREME at Julep.com to get your first Maven box for only $5 !!!

What is Julep.com all about?!

Julep is a program which starts off by you taking a quick style quiz to find products that suit your personal style. Whether you’re classic, boho, or a bombshell Julep has the right stuff for you. Julep Maven has nail polishes that range in colors as well as mani/pedi treatments. For $19.99 a month you receive a Maven box with cute surprises that suit your style. If you’d prefer to skip a month or aren’t pleased with a specific month’s Maven box contents, you are more than encouraged to skip that month or as many as you’d like. Nail polish junkies, this program is definitely for you!

What comes inside a Maven box?! 

My Julep Maven box arrived in record time! Literally three to four days. It came in a sexy little red box (perfect for the holiday!) with their logo an name inprinted on the box. The contents were wrapped in matching tissue paper, and individually packaged. My lovely little box included two nail polishes (each valued @ $17.00) in shades “Nicole” and “Whitney”. It also included a silver glitter pot to add some glitz to my polish, a glycolic hand scrub and samples of their age defying hand brightener and hand cream with SPF 30. As well as a very sweet welcoming letter. Pretty nice bundle for the price!

Let’s check out the products!

First let’s talk about “Nicole”. The color is a cheery red with shimmer to it, kind of reminds me of candied apples or candy cane red. Check out the picture below to see the shade. I added the glitter to the red for a nice holiday look. I took the pictures without applying top coat, since the polish itself had a nice glossy finish already. Though i do recommend you using top coat to seal the glitter in place, and prevent chipping.

“Whitney” is a nude shade of polish that i definitely adored. I love the look of natural lips and nails, but never find a polish that looks quite as i imagined. I must say i was deeply impressed by “Whitney”, and definitely see me ordering another tube once mine runs out. Check out the shade below! Those pictures were taken prior to applying top coat again so you can see the glossy finish, and it only took me one coat to get that finished look. This shade is described as a “mushroom greige, the perfect neutral” and i most definitely agree with it being a perfect neutral. “Whitney” was my favorite surprise inside my maven box 🙂

The glitter pot was easy to apply and came in a good portion. I simply sprinkled some over my freshly painted nails, but you can get fancy and use a brush to do a glitter-version of a french. Glitter always adds a fun and girly look to nails!

The hand scrub wasn’t too impressive, it came out more liquid-like than i’d expect a scrub to feel like. But it cleansed my hands alright. Followed it with the hand cream which had a soft, thick texture to it. I also tried the hand brightening cream which felt silky, and left my hands feeling ultra soft without a greasy feeling. The soft and silky-feel to my hands lasted quite a while, which is a definite plus.  Both the hand cream and age defying brightener had a nice scent to them.

Overall the Maven box program is a great idea at an affordable price. I especially recommend it if you love having your nails done, and trying out new polishes quite often. The price for a Maven box full of beauty surprises is only $19.99 a month and you can skip a month if you’d like. Check out their website www.julep.com to see their products, or take a style quiz and become a Maven!

Finally, how do i win my own Maven box?!

As mentioned earlier i was given the awesome opportunity to not just play with and review their products, but also give one of my lucky readers a chance to win their own!!!

Guidelines to winning your very own Maven box:

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*This contest is open to US and Canada residents only.

A winner will be randomly selected and announced on January  13th, 2012. This new years give your nails a new look with your very own Maven box!

And if you just can’t wait for this giveaway to end, get your very own Maven box for only $5 by redeeming your discount code BEAUTYCAREME at the checkout!!! That is an insane deal don’t miss out 🙂