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Julep maven box review & giveaway!

*Giveaway closed. And the winner is….
Meaghan Mulligan
Thank you all for reading and participating! Get your own maven box at www.Julep.com for only $5 with your coupon code BEAUTYCAREME at checkout!!

Have you become a Maven yet?!

I was given the opportunity by the lovely Jennifer from Julep Maven to check out the cute items received by Mavens all over. She was so generous she decided to share the love and host a Julep Maven box giveaway for one of you lucky ladies 🙂 Read on to see what the Maven box has inside and what you can do to win your very own! Or redeem your coupon code BEAUTYCAREME at Julep.com to get your first Maven box for only $5 !!!

What is Julep.com all about?!

Julep is a program which starts off by you taking a quick style quiz to find products that suit your personal style. Whether you’re classic, boho, or a bombshell Julep has the right stuff for you. Julep Maven has nail polishes that range in colors as well as mani/pedi treatments. For $19.99 a month you receive a Maven box with cute surprises that suit your style. If you’d prefer to skip a month or aren’t pleased with a specific month’s Maven box contents, you are more than encouraged to skip that month or as many as you’d like. Nail polish junkies, this program is definitely for you!

What comes inside a Maven box?! 

My Julep Maven box arrived in record time! Literally three to four days. It came in a sexy little red box (perfect for the holiday!) with their logo an name inprinted on the box. The contents were wrapped in matching tissue paper, and individually packaged. My lovely little box included two nail polishes (each valued @ $17.00) in shades “Nicole” and “Whitney”. It also included a silver glitter pot to add some glitz to my polish, a glycolic hand scrub and samples of their age defying hand brightener and hand cream with SPF 30. As well as a very sweet welcoming letter. Pretty nice bundle for the price!

Let’s check out the products!

First let’s talk about “Nicole”. The color is a cheery red with shimmer to it, kind of reminds me of candied apples or candy cane red. Check out the picture below to see the shade. I added the glitter to the red for a nice holiday look. I took the pictures without applying top coat, since the polish itself had a nice glossy finish already. Though i do recommend you using top coat to seal the glitter in place, and prevent chipping.

“Whitney” is a nude shade of polish that i definitely adored. I love the look of natural lips and nails, but never find a polish that looks quite as i imagined. I must say i was deeply impressed by “Whitney”, and definitely see me ordering another tube once mine runs out. Check out the shade below! Those pictures were taken prior to applying top coat again so you can see the glossy finish, and it only took me one coat to get that finished look. This shade is described as a “mushroom greige, the perfect neutral” and i most definitely agree with it being a perfect neutral. “Whitney” was my favorite surprise inside my maven box 🙂

The glitter pot was easy to apply and came in a good portion. I simply sprinkled some over my freshly painted nails, but you can get fancy and use a brush to do a glitter-version of a french. Glitter always adds a fun and girly look to nails!

The hand scrub wasn’t too impressive, it came out more liquid-like than i’d expect a scrub to feel like. But it cleansed my hands alright. Followed it with the hand cream which had a soft, thick texture to it. I also tried the hand brightening cream which felt silky, and left my hands feeling ultra soft without a greasy feeling. The soft and silky-feel to my hands lasted quite a while, which is a definite plus.  Both the hand cream and age defying brightener had a nice scent to them.

Overall the Maven box program is a great idea at an affordable price. I especially recommend it if you love having your nails done, and trying out new polishes quite often. The price for a Maven box full of beauty surprises is only $19.99 a month and you can skip a month if you’d like. Check out their website www.julep.com to see their products, or take a style quiz and become a Maven!

Finally, how do i win my own Maven box?!

As mentioned earlier i was given the awesome opportunity to not just play with and review their products, but also give one of my lucky readers a chance to win their own!!!

Guidelines to winning your very own Maven box:

1. Insert your email below (Beautycareme will NEVER spam you or sell your email)

2. For an extra entry and higher chance of winning Like Beautycareme on Facebook, or follow on Twitter. ( if you already like Beautycareme or are following, share this page for your extra entry.) Please comment below to let me know you did this step!

*This contest is open to US and Canada residents only.

A winner will be randomly selected and announced on January  13th, 2012. This new years give your nails a new look with your very own Maven box!

And if you just can’t wait for this giveaway to end, get your very own Maven box for only $5 by redeeming your discount code BEAUTYCAREME at the checkout!!! That is an insane deal don’t miss out 🙂



Perfect pedicure at home

Pedicures can leave tired, worn down feet feeling soft, and fresh. Your feet carry your body weight during the day sometimes enduring painful shoes or conditions. The following recipe is super easy and takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on the length of time you prefer on your foot massage.Keep reading for a soothing pedicure in 3 easy to follow steps.

The following is a list of items needed to achieve a soothing pedicure.
-2 plastic rectangular containers/ foot spa
-sea salt
-lavender or rosemary oil (optional)
-one lemon
-massage stones (optional)
-foot scrub
-antibacterial moisturizing soap
-pumice stone
-4 small towels
-toenail clipper
-toenail file
-cuticle pusher
-orangewood stick
-nail polish remover
-cuticle oil
-massage lotion
-foot lotion
-nail polish
-base & top coat
-small bag for trash

Step 1.

Fill plastic containers up with warm water and stir in 2-3 tbsp. of sea salt and oils in each one. Squeeze half a lemon into each container.Soak two towels in hot (not scalding you don’t want to burn yourself) water, wring out excess water, and roll them up so they are ready when needed. Remove any nail polish, sit down in a comfortable area and place both feet in containers. Let your feet soak for 2-5 minutes.

*Pro-Tip: If you’re using plastic containers instead of a foot spa, keep warm water or a sink near to keep the water clean each time you dip your feet back in.
Step 2

Use soap and foot scrub to cleanse feet and remove dead skin. Take one foot out of the containers and use one of the warm towels to dry and massage foot. Place towel on floor and use it to prevent your foot from touching the floor. Cut toenails to desired length and use a file to shape evenly. use cuticle oil and around cuticles and the cuticle pusher to push down growing cuticles. Wrap a bit of cotton around an orangewood stick and use it to remove dirt or debris around toenail and under free edge. Use pumice stone to smooth down rough feet. Rub massage lotion between palms of your hands and rub over foot. Use knuckles and palms to massage arch and bottom of foot. Add more lotion if needed and massage toes with fingertips and gently tug at each toe in circular motions. Keep massaging foot, ankle and calf as long as you’d like. Throw away garbage in bag and empty old water to replace with new. Place massage stones at bottom of container and add oil for a soothing soak.

*Pro-Tip: Avoid using a cuticle cutter to prevent cuts, infections or inflammation.
Step 3

Repeat step 2 on opposite foot. Once complete take the first foot out of the water and use a dry towel to fully dry foot. Take your favorite moisturizing foot lotion, rub a quarter size amount between palms and massage over dry foot. Use base coat, your favorite color of nail polish, seal it with a top coat. Repeat process on opposite foot, sit back and relax till they dry:)

*Pro-Tip: Always using a base coat is a good idea. It prevents polish from staining natural nails, and top coat protects the color and helps delay chipping. Make sure to clean all tools & foot spa/containers after use.