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Everyday outfits for the winter season

Transitioning from summer to winter attire can leave a few of you in need of some outfit advice. It’s a good tip to build up on your winter wardrobe around summer, when coats and sweaters usually go on sale. You can also find great sales now by doing some online shopping, compare prices by browsing to ensure you get the best price.

I find tons of fashion and beauty items at Shopstyle.com They have different brands, a huge variety and new items constantly added. Browse through their site by typing any item you’d like in the search box below. Been thinking about a new pair of boots, jeans, a coat or maybe a purse? Type it below and be prepared to shop.

ShopStyle Search:

Below are a few outfits pieced together with style and comfort in mind, as well as keeping you warm ūüôā


The sweater dress has become a winter wardrobe staple these past years. Simply because it’s comfy and can be part of a casual outfit, or dressed up for an event. For a layered look wear leggings underneath and knee-high boots.


A cute sweater and jeans is a nice option for an every day outfit. Keeps you comfortable, warm, and can be dressed up with a nice pair of booties or heels.


This outfit is elegant enough for holiday parties, or a day at the office. The white coat or if you prefer ponchos, pulls the whole winter-feel together.


The perfect blazer for the holidays! A baby-blue blazer is used as the focus point in this otherwise neutral outfit.


Style a white T-shirt in winter by layering a warm sweater and pairing with jeans. For a brighter look, trade neutral accessories (like the hobo purse and boots below) for more vivid colors.

Stylemint review & the Abbey T

Stylemint is a T-shirt club with  designs by fashionistas, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

This site is dedicated to providing everyday styles designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley’s own fashion sense. As a member you get access to all their designs, and get new styles to choose from every month.

How it works…

Stylemint lets you choose your personal style by completing a short fashion quiz. This is done to fully equip your showroom with Tees you will love. It’s free to sign up and browse their collection, or $29.99 per item each month. You also have the option to skip a month. Though it might seem kind of pricey for a T, there are many department stores who charge the same if not more for Tees. A perk of Stylemint is you get to browse a great selection right at home, and don’t need to worry about finding your right size,¬†time spent,¬†or paying for gas to get to the mall!

The Abbey T

I received the Abbey T packed in a very chic and eco-friendly package. I loved the simplicity of their brown paper packaging and tied twine bow.


I opted for the Abbey T because it’s a super versatile and cute design. Black matches with anything, and the one-shoulder style allows me to dress it up with a skirt and heels; or keep it casual with skinny jeans and tennis shoes. Check out a couple outfits below. How would you wear the Abbey T?!


Abbey T-c/o Stylemint

I’m very satisfied with my Abbey T and think Stylemint is a pretty good site if you have a casual style and love online shopping. You can visit their site (www.stylemint.com) and browse their fashion line without needing to register or sign in. Another thing i liked, was that my showroom was full with cute Tees and gave me the option to further browse past what was chosen for me. No need to wait for a stylist to review my showroom and make changes, new designs were available by a simple click of the mouse.

Are you a Stylemint fanatic?! Share your comments or favorite tee below ūüôā

Pretty in pastels

Add a splash of pastels to your wardrobe for a pretty, feminine trend!

Light pink, soft yellow, lilac, baby blue, and mint green are a few pastel shades that will make you swoon. Shop for dresses in these colors, or add a pastel splash to an outfit with shoes and accessories.

image credit

Check out a few pastel products below!  

Pleather motorcycle jacket in blossom- Edgy meets pretty in pink!


Every celebration dress in baby blue- Make every day a special occasion with this pretty dress.


Vanessa Bruno cotton and silk top in pastel yellow- Ready for spring in this vintage-cut top!


ASOS pastel aviator sunglasses- Pop into spring with these pastel blend shades!


Zigi soho sprite flat in pastel zig zag- Pair these flats with a pair of jeans and neutral top for a fun pop of pastel.


J. Renee Robin pump in multi-pastel- The gold and pastels blend to create a perfect pastel harmony.


Muddled mint dress- This pretty mint-hued dress reminds me of a cool breeze. simply sweet!


New balance military shirt in lilac- Love the soft pretty shade mixed in with the tough military shirt details.


Lulu Townsend floral clutch- Floral and pastels, perfect for an ultra-feminine look!


Microspun striped scarf in spearmint- I love the shade and the name! So pretty paired with a white T and jeans.


I love pastel fashion! My favorite shades are mint and lilac, which are yours?!

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Colorblock me!

It’s a rainy day today, so i figured why not play with color to brighten the mood!

Colorblocking is a very attention demanding style. It must be worn proud, as this is a definite loud trend. I played with a few colors below to create a few cute colorblocking outfits. A great plus in having a fashion blog is that even when it’s too cold outside to wear cute dresses, I can still create and share them with you!

My favorite outfit has to be the one with the royal blue dress. The style is very vintage and I’m a huge fan of that. Which is your favorite out of the three below?!






Wardrobe makeover-10 must own pieces

Look like you have an endless wardrobe, by shopping for versatile pieces!

Putting together outfits doesn’t have to be a long and tedious routine. Especially when you fill your wardrobe with pieces that can be used to create more than one outfit. For instance, you¬†have a black pencil skirt. You can easily make three different outfits by accessorizing correctly. Keep it bussiness-like by wearing it with black¬† pumps, sheer nylons, a white button-up shirt, and a blazer. Add some color with a bright shirt, metallic accessories, and your favorite wedges. Or keep it simple and feminine by wearing a¬†black¬†top and emphasize your curves with a pretty belt around your waist. The same skirt is dressed up in different styles! This trick works best when you use a neutral piece and dress it up differently with each wear.

Here are 10 pieces which you must have in your wardrobe to make the best of your outfits!

1. neutral trousers-¬†trousers are appropriate attire for most jobs, and work well when you’d rather not wear a dress/skirt to an event. They can easily be dressed up with a nice blouse and jewelry, or dressed down with a polo and flats.

2.¬†white button down shirt- can’t go wrong with a crisp white button-up shirt. Perfect for work, looks great with jeans. Toss on a blazer and some accesories and you got yourself a pretty stylish outfit.

3. neutral blazer- a blazer is a great option to dress up an outfit. Can be worn with slacks, skirts, dresses and even jeans to add a chic look. Can’t go wrong with a classic black blazer, or try a khaki or olive green one!

4. black or dark grey skirt-  a pencil skirt is a great piece to creating versatile looks. As mentioned earlier you can take a skirt and play with colors or accessories to create many different looks.

5. LBD- A classic staple, which must be in your wardrobe! You can’t ever go wrong with wearing a little black dress to a formal or casual event. Can be dressed up with glamourous jewelry and heels, or dressed down with a comfy cardigan and flats.


6. darkwash jeans- they don’t just look great on most body types, they also make your thighs appear slimmer :0 Darkwash jeans look great with tees and a hoody, and can be dressed up for a more formal occasion with heels/boots and a nice top.

7. black peacoat/trench- Every woman needs an elegant coat! It won’t just keep you warm in cold seasons, it will also never go out of style if you look for classic cuts and shop for a every-body flattering color like black.

8. black heels- everyone needs a great pair of black heels in their closet. Heels are versatile as they can work with jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses… If you are a shoe addict add color to an outfit with brights, but be sure to own at least one pair of black to wear for pretty much any occassion. Another plus, you can’t tell if they get a little dirty. Be sure to try on your heels prior to buying them, to ensure they are the right and a comfortable fit!

9.cute pair of flats- heels are great , especially with their added benefits of lenghtening and lifting! But once in a while give your feet a break and try a cute pair of flats. They work well with slacks, jeans, skirts and dresses. Buy a pair that fits your style, whether you like classic neutrals or want to add some color with bright flats.

10. camel  cardigan- a cardi comes in handy when weather is unexpected. They are also great for summer, because they are usually in a light fabric.  Very versatile when chosen in neutral shades. Try a nice camel colored one to avoid wearing as much black, but still having many outfit options.

Got any fashion pieces which you consider to be a must-own-item!?

Glitz and glam

Add some glitz and glamour to any outfit with a burst of GLITTER!!

This outfit shimmers and is perfect for any special¬†occasion. Try the gold glitter pump for a more muted look, or play with¬†metallic shades¬†and mix and match! Regardless your choice, you’ll definitely dazzle in this outfit ūüôā

  • Black glitter dress by Lipsy
  • Gold earrings by Marcia Moran
  • Gold necklace by Jules Smith Designs
  • Satin clutch by Menbur
  • Burgundy glitter pumps by Pedro Garcia
  • Gold glitter heels by Stuart Weitzman
  • Silver glitter heels by Kate Spade


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