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Everyday outfits for the winter season

Transitioning from summer to winter attire can leave a few of you in need of some outfit advice. It’s a good tip to build up on your winter wardrobe around summer, when coats and sweaters usually go on sale. You can also find great sales now by doing some online shopping, compare prices by browsing to ensure you get the best price.

I find tons of fashion and beauty items at Shopstyle.com They have different brands, a huge variety and new items constantly added. Browse through their site by typing any item you’d like in the search box below. Been thinking about a new pair of boots, jeans, a coat or maybe a purse? Type it below and be prepared to shop.

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Below are a few outfits pieced together with style and comfort in mind, as well as keeping you warm 🙂


The sweater dress has become a winter wardrobe staple these past years. Simply because it’s comfy and can be part of a casual outfit, or dressed up for an event. For a layered look wear leggings underneath and knee-high boots.


A cute sweater and jeans is a nice option for an every day outfit. Keeps you comfortable, warm, and can be dressed up with a nice pair of booties or heels.


This outfit is elegant enough for holiday parties, or a day at the office. The white coat or if you prefer ponchos, pulls the whole winter-feel together.


The perfect blazer for the holidays! A baby-blue blazer is used as the focus point in this otherwise neutral outfit.


Style a white T-shirt in winter by layering a warm sweater and pairing with jeans. For a brighter look, trade neutral accessories (like the hobo purse and boots below) for more vivid colors.

Black is back

Black is not only super flattering to your figure, it is a colour of mystery, sexiness and sophistication. If you’re looking for a pair of   classy black jeans, why not try these Paige Black Overdye Verdugo skinny jeans for size?

They have a sleek cut supplemented with a glossy matte shine effect, so your legs will be dazzling with glamour. Made from 65% lyocell, 35% cotton and 2% elastane, the material of the jeans is incredibly soft, so whether you want to add them to your daytime ensemble or as part of an evening outfit, you can always guarantee you will be comfortable wherever you choose to wear them. To complete your refined and elegant look, go for a loose fitting pastel tee or blouse. Or, if you’re after the wow-factor, be bold and try playing with neon colours to achieve that super sexy finish.


Kain are renowned for creating  simple yet classic designs and this timeless black tee is the perfect example.

The material of this Kain Aiden T-shirt, made from 90% modal and 10% silk, is gentle to your skin, while the colour and slim fit of the tee are flattering, making you look and feel slimmer. This tee would be more severe if it were not for the scoop neck, which gives it a bit more shape and accentuates your shoulders. Even though black is a slimming colour, you should try to avoid wearing black on your bottom half as well. It’s summer, so brighten up with some pastel jeans and colourful accessories. However, if you did want to colour coordinate, this tee would look fantastic with a pair of classy black heels.


Odd Molly is all about creating that perfect combination between comfort and style, and their collection of  casual yet classy pieces is flawless. The Odd Molly Rose Blouse is the ideal choice for those lazy Sunday mornings.

It’s gorgeous empire silhouette and button fastenings make it the perfect top for the weekend. Yet, paired with slim fit smart trousers, it can also make a fantastic office outfit. And even though it holds that casual, Sunday-morning essence, it’s still a slim fit piece, so you won’t have to worry about looseness and bagginess. The fitting isn’t the only thing about this tee which compliments your figure; the dark indigo colour is also incredibly flattering. Whether it’s for around the house or out and about, team this tee with a pair of blue denim or lightly coloured cropped jeans to create a carefree summer look. Alternatively, if it’s for the office or a more formal occasion, hunt down a pair of smart grey trousers to achieve a professional and sophisticated finish.

Find more fashion pieces at donnaida.com With tons of tops, jeans, and accessories you’ll definitely find one or two things that catch your eye!

Maxi dresses for all occasions

Maxi dresses can be wonderful additions to anyone’s wardrobe, as they have so many benefits. They can be greater for the more curvaceous lady as they can be incredibly flattering, pulling in at just the right places. They can also be flattering for women of a shorter persuasion as the right cut can elongate the body.

An empire line maxi dress can be fantastic for those with larger stomachs, as the fabric skims straight past the lumps and bumps. They can even be fantastic for those of you lucky enough to be pregnant, because they do not constrict the stomach; and buying maternity specific versions is unnecessary, as an average maxi dress will do an equally good job and can be worn again afterwards. Personally, my favourite thing about maxi dresses is that they are versatile and light for the summer, yet keep length in mind.

Maxi dresses are very versatile as they work for all occasions. For example, you might be searching for the perfect prom dress; something elegant and flattering…

The dress above would be perfect for such an occasion. It has elegance and sophistication but is breathable and allows for plenty of movement. The bunched fabric around the bust accentuates the breasts and brings in your attention to the waist – so it is perfect for both rectangular body shapes and hourglasses.

How about work? Particularly in the summer, you will find that your work wardrobe becomes uncomfortable and rigid. When it’s warm, you want something loose fitting and light. But loose fitting doesn’t have to mean frumpy. The dress below is perfect for such occasions.

It is sophisticated, and the black and white look can be incredibly formal. Paired with a tailored jacket, this dress can be perfect for the office and can be instantly modified for lunch in the park with your love.
And finally, we come to the summer. Particularly your holiday wardrobe. You want a mixture of outfits to choose from, but you want them all to be stylish. The dress to the right is just that. The bright fuchsia colour of the dress means it is incredibly fashionable at the moment, and the details draw your eyes to the waist. It is perfect during the day as it is summery and light, but also for an evening out. Just pair it with some glamorous jewellery to bring it straight into the evening.

Like the maxi dresses above??? Find more and other vintage fashion pieces at feverdesigns.co.uk

Fashion trends:Where to get it?

Have you ever shopped online for clothes, shoes or accessories?

It always seems like there’s endless possibilities, and by the time your done browsing through the thousands of products offered at a website do you really have the time and patience to keep searching…

I think most blogs are great resources to simplify your online shopping experience and cut down the time it takes to browse through products. This is done by posting cute clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories and a link to that exact item. No need to click next or back through all those pages, just check out blogs with similar style that you like.

Recently, I stumbled upon  Where to get it? a site dedicated to bringing you fashion and exactly where to purchase it. Seen a cute coat or purse on a magazine and not sure where to get it? Add your query to this site and one of the members will help you out! That’s a pretty cool feature, don’t you think?!