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Catherine Jinn pro bio-placenta essence serum review

The K-beauty culture is based around prevention, and so is Catherine Jinns’ pro bio-placenta essence. This anti-aging serum provides a cutting edge combo of skin rejuvenating ingredients; and was specifically made for those of us who care about our skin, but are too busy for a lengthy routine…

Catherine Jinn is a company that created pro bio-placenta essence, a serum that mimics all the benefits real placenta has. It is paraben-free, fragrance free, and not tested on animals. It was developed in South Korea, and manufactured in the US. Which is why the name is ,Catherine Jinn, bringing two cultures together to create a product with the best of both. 

When I was first contacted by their company to see if I was interested in sampling their pro bio-placenta essence, I was a little hesitant due to the word placenta in their product. But after checking out their product and company more in depth, I agreed. This product is made of five safely synthesized growth factors that compare to a real placenta. A growth factor is a substance that is required for the stimulation of growth in living cells. It is biotechnologically engineered to mimic what is found in placenta, but doesn’t actually use real placenta. 

Why placenta, you might be asking. Aging is caused by loss of growth factors, which are found in placenta. By creating a product that mimics what is found in placenta, it in turn helps reduce signs of aging.  

I have been testing out Catherine Jinns’ pro bio-placenta essence serum for a little over a month, and I actually really like this product. Personally, I prefer a serum over a lotion for my face because I feel it is lighter and leaves more of a glow on my face. The serum doesn’t smell, it’s very light and two pumps are enough for your face and neck. It is said to be formulated to rejuvenate the skin, and fight crow’s feet around eyes. I have started noticing crow’s feet showing around my eyes, which have diminished this past month of using the bio-placenta essence serum. They are still there when I squint or smile, but no longer show on my resting face. I also noticed my eyebrows growing in, I started losing some of my eyebrow hairs due to pregnancy. I am not sure if it is related to the bio-placenta, but it did occur around the same time as I have been using it. 

I noticed no skin dryness, redness, irritation, or breakouts. ( two thumbs up for that ūüôā ) I literally used facial soap and the serum daily and that’s it.  I used the serum morning and before bed. Applied on my face and neck in a circular motion, especially focusing on the skin around my eyes. It blends into your skin, doesn’t leave any residue or scent behind. I love that about serum, no oily, shiny skin or heaviness to it.

I truly liked this product, and will continue to use it since it has worked out for me. A whole bottle costs $73.97, but it will last you a long time. If you are a busy person, a new mom, or someone who wants a quick cleansing routine, I highly recommend this. The price might seem steep, but considering it’s a big bottle of serum, and the only product you need after washing, it’s worth it. Don’t be scared to splurge on your cleansing routine, especially when it’s on a product that goes directly on your face. Try it out for yourself at CatherineJinn.com or check out their other products. 

             Image via CatherineJinn.com 

*though I did receive a bottle of pro-bio placenta essence serum free of cost, I was not compensated or told what to say. The company simply asked for a review on my blog sharing how I felt after using the product. I strive on providing honest reviews here, whether I purchased the product or received it for free.

Considering eyelash extensions? Check out my experience and review first!

When I was about seven years old, I decided it would be a good idea to cut my eyelashes. Very short, almost to the point where I had no eyelashes left. A decision I wasn’t bothered by much when I was younger, but as I have grown I always wondered if my eyelashes would be much longer if I would’ve never cut them off. So when I heard about the awesome procedure that gave you long and luscious eyelashes, with upkeep, I went for it.

I was at the salon, getting my nails done, when I saw a special they were having on eyelash extensions and decided to get them done. I knew this place was good, and had yelped them on their services prior to my visit. The technician was pretty fast, with the whole process taking about an hour and a half. She guided me through what she was going to do. And once she was done, provided me with aftercare instructions. She advised me not to let water touch my lashes for the next 48 hours to ensure the lashes adhere well and remain put. Also gave me a lash comb,(which is pretty much a small mascara wand) so I could  brush them, as well as remove anything that could get caught on them. She also told me to wash them with baby soap to keep them gently clean. Then came the fun part, I got to check out my pretty lashes in the mirror! I was so happy with my beautiful, LONG, and curled lashes; I could not wait to go show them off!

Before eyelash extensions 

After eyelash extensions 

I followed instructions that were provided and went back for a fill after three weeks. I kept the routine going for about six months, then due to a busier schedule decided to say farewell to my pretty long lashes.

Overall, I loved the experience of having lash extensions. I liked the fact I didn’t have to apply any eye makeup or eyeliner and still felt put together. They got me lots of compliments, ¬†and since I chose a natural yet dramatic look, they could pass as my own. Once all my extensions fell out, I noticed my natural lashes seemed shorter. And since I already had small lashes to begin with, that was not a good thing. I was worried the extensions had damaged my natural lashes, but within a month or so my lashes lengthened out. Perhaps I was just so used to having long lashes, once they were gone I had to get reacquainted with my natural lashes. Or maybe the weight of the extensions caused temporary damage to my natural ones. Either way, my lashes are back to normal.

If you are wondering whether or not you should get lash extensions,  I say go for it. However, check out the place you go to prior to getting them done to ensure they know what they are doing. Also, ask questions before you get them done to be sure your technician is knowledgeable. And be prepared to commit time and money to your lashes. Fills take about 30-45 minutes and range from $70 and up, and they must be done every 2-4 weeks. The first application ranges from $100 and up depending on the type of lashes you are getting and usually take about 2 hours to apply.

If you’d rather go the temporary route to long and lustrous lashes, ¬†check out a few good falsies and mascaras below.

Maple Holistics dead sea mud mask review

Maple Holistics is a provider of beauty products; who pride themselves in providing natural, premium homeopathic products. They have many beauty products, for both men and women, available at www.mapleholistics.com.

I got a great opportunity to sample their Dead sea mud mask; which is made for: men, women and gentle enough for teens. Prior to receiving the mud mask, I browsed a quick description of it, and was pretty surprised at all the skin problems it said to tackle. From balancing oily skin, minimizing pores, healing psoriasis, to removing acne and wrinkles. I was sold!

Dead Sea Mud Mask by Maple Holistics review

Maple Holistics review

Maple Holistics Dead Sea Mud Mask

Dead Sea Mud mask review

Upon opening the container, you can smell the overpowering scent of sage and lavender.  The mud mask looks like a grayish Рcarbon clay, and applying it truly feels like a spa experience. The application process is simple enough; you apply it over a clean and dry face, leave it on until it hardens, then rinse off.

This mud mask is one of those that really makes you feel like it’s working, because you get a tingling sensation on your skin while it’s on. It hardens in about 10 minutes or so, and leaves your skin feeling super soft once you wash it off.

After my first try, my face felt soft as baby skin, my pores felt less noticeable and my skin felt firmer. I was beyond impressed by this mud mask.  I tried it again a few days after, and yet again was impressed by how it left my skin feeling. The first time I tried it, I followed the mud mask with a face lotion in case the mask dried out my skin. The second time, I did not apply facial lotion, just to see if it felt dry afterwards. Good to know, it did not! This mud mask seriously leaves your skin feeling so soft, that you will want to use it a couple times a week. So be warned, this stuff is addicting!

What’s in the dead sea mud mask?¬†

Here are a few of the ingredients that work together to create a product that delivers results, and also provides an aromatherapy therapeutic experience.

  • Dead sea mud- this ingredient removes toxins, helps tighten skin, and improves blood circulation.
  • Lavender- lavender helps fight acne and heals cuts, and works with the mud’s mineral for better absorption.
  • German chamomile- calms nerves, reduces stress, and helps with insomnia. This is what helps make this mask perfect as a pre-bedtime ritual!
  • Clay sage- this ingredient works with the chamomile to provide an aromatherapy experience.
  • Green myrtle- this essential oil fights against oily skin and is most often skipped in many beauty products due to its high production costs.

As you can see, this mud mask has all natural ingredients to help improve and maintain your skin; rather than clog and inhibit with harmful or artificial junk. This is the top reason for recommending Maple Holistics,  the fact they create quality products and offer them at affordable prices. They also believe in their products, and have a 100% money back guarantee.

Maple Holistics beauty products

Overall, I am glad I got the opportunity to try out Maple Holistics dead sea mud mask. It  is perfect for a once a week facial treatment to get and maintain youthful skin, and the fact the feel and scent of the mask deliver a spa-like treatment is an added bonus. I am excited to keep using this product, and highly recommend it. The best part of all is the price, you get a full 9 oz jar of this stuff for $24. Since you only need to apply a thin layer, it will last a few months.

Order your own jar of Dead Sea mud mask at MapleHolistics.com¬†or check out their other products, including their Ancient Clay Facial mask which looks like a good¬†mask to try out next ūüôā

Malory band review: the band that helps you lose weight

Weight loss products are abundant and everywhere nowadays. They all promise the same thing, but the last thing anyone considers is the damage some can cause.

What if I told you there was a product that would aid in weight loss by helping you be aware of overeating, and not cause any risk to your health. Good news, there is!

The Malory band


This little gadget is intended to assist you in your weight loss journey, without the dangers associated in weight loss supplements or pills . I first heard about the Malory band via this article woman loses 60 lbs with the help of a band, and was very interested in learning more.

How it works

It’s as simple as the instructions that come included. ¬†The Malory band is pretty much an adjustable string worn around your waist, kind of like a belly chain (remember those?!) The whole purpose of wearing the band is for self awareness of your eating habits. The more you eat, the tighter it will get due to belly bloat from food. It’s kind of a reminder to stop you from overeating.

Overeating is an issue most people are unaware of. Unless you log a daily food journal, most of us underestimate the amount of actual calories consumed. The Malory band is not a magical tool that will shrink your belly, but it is a great aid to reinforce better eating habits. It’s a physical reminder that let’s you know “hey, you’re full don’t have that extra serving.”

My experience with the Malory band


The folks over at maloryband.com sent me a band to try out and see how I felt about their product. It arrived fairly quickly, and the packaging had a clean and elegant style. The Malory band itself was very comfortable to wear, and I liked the fact it includes a soft pouch to take your band everywhere and avoid losing it.

Everyone’s body is different, so for some, bloating from overeating is not an issue. If that’s your case, consider yourself lucky! I am not so lucky, and definitely get that bloated feeling on some occasions. I wore the Malory band all ¬†weekend long, and found it to be a very good reminder to watch what I ate. Since it was the weekend, I did indulge a bit and noticed the band did what it was supposed to do; tighten up when it was time for me to stop eating.

Besides the physical reminder of the band tightening, it also seems to give you some motivation on making healthier choices of what you choose to eat. Of course, the band won’t change your eating habits; but if you are motivated to make a change the band is a good tool to keep you on track. I think the Malory band can be very useful if overeating is your issue, and you want to make a change. You feel the band while you are wearing it, so it helps to remind you to make better eating¬†choices and not eat so much. It’s also a good tool if you have lost weight and want to maintain, since wearing it will prevent you from getting bigger.

Interested in trying out the Malory band for yourself? Check out their site and purchase options at Maloryband.com

Benefit they’re real! push up liner review and demo

They’re real! liner is officially here.

Benefit beauty is a makeup line from San Francisco, California; committed to making great beauty products which are also visually appealing with fun and flirty packaging.

Their most recent product, They’re real! Push up liner, has been awaited for with much anticipation. It’s promise was to make applying eyeliner a breeze, with an added bonus of bigger looking eyes.

I finally got my hands on this liner to try it out for myself. Keep on reading for my thoughts on it, and a quick guide on how to use it.

They’re real! Push up liner review

Benefit They're real push up liner review

I got my Benefit liner this weekend and couldn’t wait to try it out for myself, to see if it lived up to the hype. Benefit has been talking about the launch of this little liner on twitter and instagram for the past months and I must say, I’ve never been so excited about an eyeliner to officially be available in stores. Kudos to Benefit for awesome marketing on their part!

They’re real! Push up liner was easy to use and you could see a difference between using it as compared to other liners. It glides on effortlessly and is very easy to get that lash – hugging look. The closer your liner is applied to your lash line, the larger your eyes appear to be. This gives you a cute “doe eye” look.

The liner is not a miracle pen, so if you have a hard time applying liner it won’t automatically give you a flawless line. It does however make the application easier. I think the reason behind easier application is the felt tip which guides the liquid on your lid. Compared to other liquid liners, this one has a velvety texture which makes it easy to glide on and guide across your lid. The liner also dries pretty fast so no smudges or black marks on your lids after you apply. The final result is a rich dark line for sultry eyes. I definitely recommend this product if you are unsure as to whether you’ll like it or not. It’s priced at $24 and does differ compared to other liners at a similar price range.

How does it differ from other liners you ask?! The simple design of a felt tip which dispenses gel, does make a difference. It makes it easier to apply, since it’s almost as though you are using a marker as opposed to a thin brush most liner brands use. Though it is fast drying, mistakes are easily fixed with water. It’s not advertised as waterproof, but it definitely stayed put in the pool. It doesn’t fade out throughout the day, so you’ll have that nice and dark line all day long. It’s also a cleaner eyeliner due to the fact you twist new liquid each time, as opposed to re-dipping each time. The only flaw I saw in this liner is the fact it dries fast on the pen, so be sure to clean the tip after each use to avoid build up from affecting application.

Check out the pictures below which compare a drugstore liquid liner worn during a workday with no re-application versus Benefits’ They’re real! push up liner. (I leave the drugstore liner nameless to avoid any embarrassment on their end).

Drugstore eyeliner versus Benefit They're real push up liner

They're real Push up liner review

Can you guess which is which?! The drugstore liner is the top picture, which as you can see faded out after a full workday. It started out bold and strong, but left my lid looking half-bare at the end of the day. Benefits’ They’re real! push up liner was also put to the test, and as you can see lasted beautifully after a full eight hours. Looked as good as when I originally applied it in the morning. ¬†In my opinion, dishing out some extra cash for a product which lasts all day is worth it.

They’re real! Push up liner demo

The liner has quick instructions on the packaging, along with statistics of bigger looking eyes and a lash Рhugging experience. Getting started is very easy, all you have to do is take off the lid and twist the bottom 10-12 times until the liner liquid starts coming out. Then you are ready to apply. 

Check out a demonstration by Benefit below, on creating a sexy winged look with They’re real! Push up liner.

If you want to check out They’re real! Push up liner before committing, head on to a Sephora inside JcPenney this weekend for tips on application or receive a free sample when shopping online at sephora.com using the code below.

sephora- benefit- event


Le Beurre shop: shea butter skin care review

I recently received some amazing skin care products from Le Beurre shop, which included a variety of body butters, face cream, and lip balm. The main ingredient in all of them being shea butter. I was very excited about trying out these products, simply because of the fact they are cruelty-free and made of all natural products.

Shea butter is a fatty substance derived from the nuts of a shea tree. It’s a very popular ingredient in cosmetics, and lotions due to its hydrating and healing properties. It keeps skin soft and moisturized, and is also used to prevent stretch marks, and help diminish scars. Le Beurre shop focuses on “celebrating, honoring, and highlighting” shea butter by using it in all its products, so if you love a great and natural skin care product check out the review below and visit their site to browse their selection.




I received a pretty little box filled with products from Le Beurre shop to try and review. As i mentioned, I was very excited about trying out these all-natural products, because I know shea butter is a necessity when you are pregnant and trying to keep stretch marks away. With a growing belly, your skin stretches quickly and loses elasticity which in turn causes stretch marks. One way to battle them, is by keeping your skin hydrated which shea butter is very well known for doing. Below are pictures of the pretty packaging, and shea butter goodies included inside!

Le Beurre shop review

Le Beurre shop products


shea butter lip balm

Besides a growing belly, I have also had to deal with extra chapped lips. No matter how often i re-applied a few lip-balms, all tailored for dry-chapped lips, they just didn’t seem to be cutting it. Which is why I was very excited to see a small shea butter lip balm sample included.

I really liked the fact that this lip balm kept my lips moisturized, but didn’t feel heavy or greasy. Within a few days of wearing it, I noticed my lips didn’t feel as as chapped as they had previously been with other lip balms. I also didn’t need to re-apply as often as other lip balms because the shea butter really penetrated my lips to keep them from cracking and feeling dry. I Loved this lip balm, and highly recommend it to all of you who suffer from constant chapped lips, or for the winter season when dry lips are very common.


Shea butter face cream


I prefer light lotions when it comes to my face, so I was a bit worried I wasn’t going to like this face cream simply because it’s heavier than a lotion. I was also worried about the fact sometimes creams with shea butter can leave a greasy feeling behind, but I am glad to say Le Beurre delivered with this product. As mentioned a cream is heavier than a lotion, but it wasn’t as much as I had expected. It was buttery to the touch, and non-greasy after applying. Throughout the day, I could feel the cream remained on my face and kept it hydrated without that greasy feeling.





 Le Beurre offers shea butter creams for the body in various scents including the original unscented above, and the ones pictured below:lavender, vanilla, lemongrass, and sage. All the creams left my skin feeling baby-soft, and the scented ones offered a nice and subtle fragrance. They do their job at keeping skin super moisturized, and have a buttery texture- to best describe it.

The unscented one still had a nice and natural scent to it, and I loved how smooth all the creams felt. My skin is already soft as is, but the shea butter creams gave it a silky-soft feel that stayed put throughout the whole day. My husband even noticed, and kept complementing me on how extra soft my skin was feeling.

Le Beurre’s shea butter creams are the perfect cure for dry skin, especially extra dry areas like elbows, knees and heels. They also work as cuticle moisturizers for your nails, in other words they are the perfect prescription for soft skin from head to toe.

beurre lavender shea butter


beurre vanilla shea butter


beurre lemongrass shea butter

beurre sage shea butter

If you love shea butter, and are looking for a luxurious cream to try check out Le Beurre Shop. You will not be disappointed by the skin-softening results this all-natural product delivers.