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Nutribullet chocolate cherry smoothie

Looking for a delicious smoothie, ¬†that’s not only low in calories but a pretty healthy option? Then try this super easy recipe that requires only three ingredients ūüôā

 Chocolate cherry smoothie



  • 10 washed and pitted cherries
  • 5-8 washed strawberries
  • 1/2 cup silk chocolate almond milk

How to:

Combine all ingredients in nutribullet blender and blend until a smooth consistency reached. (About 5-10 seconds) You can also add some ice to make it more of a slushy drink.

Drink and enjoy!

I have been trying out different veggie and fruit recipes on my nutribullet, and love the simplicity of making the drinks and cleaning up. Much faster than using a juicer, and I prefer the fact you get the pulp as opposed to only juice.

This recipe is my go to snack when I get a craving, ¬†it’s both delicious and satisfying. You can also make a batch and freeze it for a cool and healthier option dessert. ¬†Got any nutribullet recipes you’d like to share? Comment below!

Quick and easy chicken enchiladas recipe

Chicken enchiladas are one of the easiest and quickest dinners to prepare and cook. There are many variations in making them, but I find my recipe to be simple enough for the beginner and satisfyingly delicious for all. Let’s get cooking!


  • 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/2 onion
  • 2 cans of red/green enchilada sauce
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • Black pepper
  • salt
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Crushed red pepper flakes
  • Hot sauce ( I use Tabasco and Sriracha)
  • Grated cheese
  • Sour cream and avocado as toppings


Boil the chicken breasts, while you wait cut up the onion and garlic. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and lightly grease up a glass pyrex or oven safe large pan with butter. Open up the enchilada sauce cans.


  • Once the chicken has boiled for 10-15 minutes turn the stove off and drain the water. Lightly oil a frying pan and set on low, while you cut up or shred the chicken. Once the pan is hot, toss in the onion and garlic. After 2-3 minutes add the cut up chicken. Season with black pepper, salt, red pepper flakes, oregano, parsley and hot sauce to your preferred taste. Add grated cheese on top and let it fry until chicken is fully cooked.


  • Warm up corn tortillas for about 30 seconds. Place chicken mix in each tortilla and roll it up. Place in glass Pyrex side by side, and repeat until you are out of chicken mix
  • ¬†Drizzle sauce and grated cheese over rolled enchiladas. Place in oven and bake for 20 minutes.


  • ¬†Once done, let sit outside of oven for about 10 minutes. Top with sour cream and avocados, and cook refried beans and rice to serve on the side. Enjoy your plate, and the yummy leftovers you’ll have for lunch the next day!


Eat yourself skinny!

Don’t you wish losing weight didn’t have to be such a boring, taste-less task?!

I have always had a track record of discovering, and ditching fad diets once I got sick of the bland tasting food you had to eat just to drop a few pounds. It just did not work for me. It wasn’t until I made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle full of tasty, healthy foods that I actually enjoyed eating, that I was finally able to keep the weight off and enjoy myself while doing it. Imagine that!

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You see the thing is, dieting is not about depriving ourselves and forcing ourselves to “eat like birds”; it is about finding fabulously healthy meal solutions that will keep you satiated and on track. Because I am one of those women who is fueled by cravings, usually for bad food, I have discovered a few recipes that not only taste amazing but help to battle weight loss.

Kick Your Day Off Right

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I tend to agree with this statement but mostly because breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day, and eating a big meal just makes me happy!

While some of us may just not be hungry in the morning, it is shown that those who don’t eat breakfast cannot focus. They¬†are also¬†unable to work as hard as those who eat breakfast, have less strength, and usually choose less nutritious foods which ultimately lead to weight gain. The exact opposite of what we’re trying to do.

While you may not be hungry right when you wake up, why not consider going through your morning routine and save eating breakfast until the very end. This way you allow your body to wake up, start your metabolism, and get moving ultimately kick-starting your appetite.

So what foods should we be eating in the morning? The easy and quick options are usually the most tempting, however if you can manage 5-10 minutes to prep your breakfast you can eat a well balanced, protein rich meal that will keep you satisfied until lunch rolls around.

I try to eat a variation of this meal every morning so that I am never bored with what I am eating, and it helps to make my ‘dieting’ seem less like dieting.

An Eggscellent Start to Your Day:

  • Take 3 eggs, and separate the yolks from 2 of the eggs and throw in the garbage
    Preheat a non-stick pan, add a handful of spinach, and cover with a lid for about 1 minute, the spinach will cook pretty quickly.
  • ¬†Beat the full egg and 2 egg whites together in a bowl until blended
  • ¬†Pour the egg mixture into the pan with the spinach and scramble
  • ¬†As that is cooking, take one half of an avocado and mash it, toss in some garlic (to taste), a tiny pinch of sea salt, and 1/4 of a tomato finely chopped
  • Mix your avocado and tomato mixture together creating a single serving of guacamole and place on the side of your plate
  • Once your eggs are finished cooking, transfer to your plate and enjoy your egg whites with homemade guacamole

This recipe is not only tasty but low in calories, high in protein, iron, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. In one simple meal you will be consuming around 15 grams of protein, 155 calories, with 83% of these calories coming from healthy fats that your body needs to lower your bad cholesterol and keep your heart healthy.
The best part is, this meal takes almost no time to make and is a delicious take on eating plain old egg whites. Not bad for breakfast!

A Mid-Day Metabolism Kick

For some of us, it can be hard to not feel the mid-day yawns creeping up on us. We haven’t eaten in a few hours, our body is getting tired, and we usually start daydreaming of all the yummy, bad-for-us lunch options we could indulge in.

But instead of resorting to old habits and giving into our cravings for a carb-y lunchtime meal, why not come prepared? Salads are one of the easiest, cheapest, and healthiest ways to lose weight throughout the afternoon. So instead of feeling bloated and slipping into a carb-induced food coma that just makes us feel guilty, plan ahead and pack a lunch.

A hearty salad that keeps me full throughout the rest of my day, and is extremely tasty, is a little number I like to call…

The Killer Kale Salad:

  • Thinly chop up 1/2 bunch of kale and add it to a pan on medium heat with about a tablespoon of olive oil. Rotate the kale until the leaves become bright green and almost cooked, approximately 5 minutes, then remove from heat
  • Open a can of black beans, drain, rinse, dry, and pour about 1/2 the can into a lunch container
  • Layer your cooked kale on top of your beans
  • Grate a full carrot and sprinkle over the kale
  • Using your pan that you cooked the Kale in, toss in a handful of walnuts, pecans, or sunflower seeds, all incredibly good for you and rich in healthy fats, and roast for about 2 minutes the sprinkle over your beans, kale, and carrot mixture
  • For your dressing, mix 1 large tablespoon on organic tahini paste, 1 tablespoon of umeboshi plum vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of pure maple syrup. Mix well and pack in a separate container so you can dress your salad when ready and not risk it getting soggy

This recipe is simple and quick to make, full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, fiber, and protein. It will keep you full throughout the afternoon without feeling bloated or tired, helps to boost your metabolism, burn calories, and the best part, tastes amazing!

Stay Lean and Mean With More Protein

While most dieters dread dinner time, it can be one of the most creative meals to experiment with. Recently I have been trying my hand at shish kabobs. They are grilled, low in fat, high in protein and can be made with a variety of meats or fish.

Generally, when preparing a healthy dinner you want to keep portion control in mind.While experts encourage a bigger breakfast, most of them say that you should be eating smaller portions later in the day so that your body doesn’t have to work as hard to break down a lot of food over night, ultimately causing you to gain weight.

Shish kabobs can be a great solution for smaller portions as you can really keep track of how much you are eating. I try to stick to 2 kabobs with a small quinoa or bean salad on the side.

Shish Kabob Snob:

  • Cut your preferred meat, I like calamari, shrimp, chicken, or lean pork, into cubes, toss into your favourite marinade, and let sit for around 30 minutes
  • Chop up 1/2 red onion, 1/2 a bunch of broccoli, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, 1/2 sweet potato, and 1 zucchini
  • Take your skewer and add 2 vegetables for every piece of meat you add onto your skewer
  • When finished, either barbecue your kabobs or lay your kabobs over the sides of a medium baking sheet so that your skewers are not touching the bottom of the baking sheet and bake at 400 F

They are uber simple, easy, tasty, and lean! As stated, pair your kabobs with a bean or quinoa salad as both are high in fiber and will help to keep you full for the rest of the night, ultimately cutting down on late-night snack cravings.

And who said healthy eating had to be plain and boring? Just use your imagination, choose ingredients wisely, and eat yourself skinny!

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Jill is a writer for the popular skincare review website, BES Skincare, where she reviews products for people who are looking to buy Trilastin, buy LifeCell or various other skincare products. The biggest perk of her job: she has amazing skin!

Ground beef stuffed bell pepper recipe

If you like bell peppers, then you’ll love this recipe!

Bell peppers are packed with vitamins and minerals and combined with ¬†ground beef, make a hearty healthy meal. Easy preparation and a few ingredients make this recipe one of my favorites. Even if bell peppers aren’t your favorite, you might actually like the outcome of this one. Try this tasty recipe and share your thoughts below!

*Recipe makes two servings.


  • 2 bell peppers
  • 1/2 lb Ground beef
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • 1 egg

How to make stuffed bell  peppers:

-Preheat oven to 350¬† and prepare a cookie sheet with foil on top. Crack the egg into a bowl and beat it until it’s a pale yellow color.

-Fully cook your ground beef and season to taste. Add ¬†some chopped spinach and mixed veggies if you’d like.

-Cut washed peppers in half and take the seeds out.  Dip them one by one in beaten egg also pour a bit of egg inside. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

-Take peppers out and place some cheese at the bottom of each shell, then fill with ground beef half way and add more cheese. Fill the pepper and place a bit more cheese on top. Place peppers back on oven rack at 350 and bake for another 10-12 minutes.

-Broil on low for five minutes. Take peppers out of oven and let cool for a few minutes so you don’t burn yourself.

-Serve and enjoy!

Oatmeal-berry protein breakfast shake

For most working people, mornings are so busy breakfast seems to get neglected.

Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of your day, and as mentioned¬†in previous articles¬†should never be skipped. It’s the first meal of the day. Which means whatever you eat fuels your body or slows it down, depending on what you choose to eat. Just because you are in a rush, is not an excuse to skimp on breakfast or completely avoid it. This will just result in you being¬† in a groggy mood, and possible weight gain overtime.

Even though it might seem easier to stop by a coffee shop and pick up a quick breakfast, which will definitely be loaded with calories, carbs and sodium; this recipe takes under five minutes to prepare and enjoy. It will leave you full because of the oatmeal, and give you an energy boost from the whey protein. When i don’t have time to prepare and eat eggs, i’ll whip up a quick smoothie and be satisfied until lunchtime. Check out the recipe below, hope you enjoy it!


1/2 cup of regular oats

1 cup of non fat milk

1 serving of your favorite whey protein- i like chocolate flavored

about 14 frozen strawberries or mixed berries

1 banana (optional)


  • Pour the oats in a blender and grate until they are finely chopped.
  • Add in the milk, strawberries and whey protein and blend well. If you’d like to add a banana, blend the milk and banana first, then add the berries and whey.
  • Pour and enjoy ūüôā

Breakfast can’t get any easier than this! There is definitely no excuse for skipping this meal now!

Like the recipe?! Try it and let me know what you think?!


Healthy snacking tips and low-calorie smoothie recipe

Ever get a sudden urge to eat and eat after you have already had a meal?¬†¬† Snacking occasionally is a good way to keep your stomach from rumbling until dinner and to keep your energy from droppping down. More often than not, we opt for the easiest and worst¬†choices to fullfill our snacking needs. It’s more convenient to run to the vending machine or nearest store and grab a bag of chips or candy bar, rather than choosing and peeling an orange.

Choosing healthy food as a quick snack doesn’t have to be boring or seem like a chore, and will always leave you feeling better than indulging in a chocolate king size bar or bag of chips. For some women, a few weeks prior to it being that time of the month occasional cravings and an unsatiable need for chocolate can throw you off balance; but having the right snacks at hand will help fight over-indulging.

A few helpful tips:

  • Drink a glass of cold water. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger and end up ruining that mornings workout by eating twice as much calories as we burned. Drinking water will hydrate you and give you a burst of energy, as well as fill up your tummy.
  • When buying veggies at the grocery store, wash and cut them before putting them away. Store them in ready to go bags, or tupperware. This will make it easier to grab those to snack on, without the excuse of having to wash and cut each time.
  • Add some flavor to your veggies! Take some peanut butter for your celery, or make ham wraps out of lettuce. There are also many spice/seasonings you can purchase to add to your fruits and veggies.
  • Stock up on sugar-free jello or those low calorie dessert puddings by jello. They have a delicious tasting chocolate mousse pudding which goes great when paired with peanut butter!

  • Make pre-made healthy snacks for the week and put them in your fridge so they are ready to go.
  • Eat a yummy salad like the one in this recipe to keep you going until dinner if you work late hours. Or hard boil eggs and put them in your fridge for a quick fix and a protein burst on the go. Another good snacking tip, is to cut up a block of cheese into slices and grab 1-2 slices with a couple multi-seed crackers. Cheese and crackers are a good snack choice since it will help keep you full.
  • Mix walnuts, almonds, cashews and even a bit of chocolate chips to keet at work; on those days when you must have chocolate it’s ok to indulge if you don’t overdo it and mix it in with healthy options.

Yummy Very Berry smoothie under 200 calories

This smoothie is delicious and under 200 calories with no extra sugar added! It’s a good snack choice or even an option when you feel like having a very light dinner. I love drinking smoothies on the weekend and this little recipe has saved me from eating junk and kept me full without all that extra sugar.

image credit


  • 1 cup of frozen berries
  • 1 1/2 cup of non-fat milk
  • 1 light & fit strawberry yogurt (only 60 cals)
  • ice

Preparation steps:

  1. Put ice in blender
  2. Add cup of berries and yogurt.
  3. Pour milk in until it reaches the 2 cup mark
  4. Use the ice crush setting first, then blend until you get a thick smoothie texture.
  5. Keep blending until you are satisfied with your drink.

If you’d like you can also add a banana to your smoothie for a berry-banana blend ūüôā