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Ellovi body butter review

Ellovi is a small company dedicated to making 100% natural body butters that will leave your skin soft and hydrated. To learn more about this up and coming company, check out their story here -> Ellovi- What we’re all about.


I received a 3.5 ounce jar of butter courtesy of Ellovi.com to try it out and review. It arrived in the mail fairly quick, with a small note to place in refrigerator if it arrived melted. Due to it being summertime and pretty hot weather, it did arrive melted. So the note was a great idea on their part. After about ten minutes in the fridge, my body butter was ready to use.

The butter smelled a lot like coconut- which was a nice surprise to me as I expected the typical shea butter ingredients. It’s the perfect solution for dry skin and since it is made of 100% natural ingredients might be good for all skin types to try out. It has no harsh chemicals or parabens, no animal testing or secret ingredients. Ellovi butter is made up of macadamia seed oil, coconut oil, hemp seed, marula nut, organic corn starch, and shea. It’s also made in California, and certified a vegan product.



I used Ellovi on my belly and legs mainly, but it’s designed for all over use. I also tested it on my face a few times, it was very lightweight and non-greasy, which is the perfect combination for all-over body butter. I love body butters because they are richer than lotions and feel like they moisturize much better, but cannot stand when they leave a greasy feeling especially on your face as it can lead to breakouts. Ellovi had a silky texture and applied smoothly, while penetrating your skin quick enough to avoid walking around with that greasy-feeling. Simply apply in a circular motion all over your body and enjoy the softness to follow. The perfect solution for dry knees and elbows, yet gentle enough for sensitive areas like your face and neck.

If you are a body butter lover, this is one product you need to try- you will not be disappointed. The coconut scent alone set it apart from other body butters I have tried. Did you know that water-based butters actually drain your skin of moisture rather than hydrating? Well, now you do! I read up on Ellovi’s page this interesting fact, and lucky for you Ellovi butter is not water-based; meaning it will moisturize your skin and keep it hydrated.

Check Ellovi out at Ellovi.com to learn more benefits about their butter and purchase yourself one of their eco-friendly jars. Try it out and let me know how you liked it!

Le Beurre shop: shea butter skin care review

I recently received some amazing skin care products from Le Beurre shop, which included a variety of body butters, face cream, and lip balm. The main ingredient in all of them being shea butter. I was very excited about trying out these products, simply because of the fact they are cruelty-free and made of all natural products.

Shea butter is a fatty substance derived from the nuts of a shea tree. It’s a very popular ingredient in cosmetics, and lotions due to its hydrating and healing properties. It keeps skin soft and moisturized, and is also used to prevent stretch marks, and help diminish scars. Le Beurre shop focuses on “celebrating, honoring, and highlighting” shea butter by using it in all its products, so if you love a great and natural skin care product check out the review below and visit their site to browse their selection.




I received a pretty little box filled with products from Le Beurre shop to try and review. As i mentioned, I was very excited about trying out these all-natural products, because I know shea butter is a necessity when you are pregnant and trying to keep stretch marks away. With a growing belly, your skin stretches quickly and loses elasticity which in turn causes stretch marks. One way to battle them, is by keeping your skin hydrated which shea butter is very well known for doing. Below are pictures of the pretty packaging, and shea butter goodies included inside!

Le Beurre shop review

Le Beurre shop products


shea butter lip balm

Besides a growing belly, I have also had to deal with extra chapped lips. No matter how often i re-applied a few lip-balms, all tailored for dry-chapped lips, they just didn’t seem to be cutting it. Which is why I was very excited to see a small shea butter lip balm sample included.

I really liked the fact that this lip balm kept my lips moisturized, but didn’t feel heavy or greasy. Within a few days of wearing it, I noticed my lips didn’t feel as as chapped as they had previously been with other lip balms. I also didn’t need to re-apply as often as other lip balms because the shea butter really penetrated my lips to keep them from cracking and feeling dry. I Loved this lip balm, and highly recommend it to all of you who suffer from constant chapped lips, or for the winter season when dry lips are very common.


Shea butter face cream


I prefer light lotions when it comes to my face, so I was a bit worried I wasn’t going to like this face cream simply because it’s heavier than a lotion. I was also worried about the fact sometimes creams with shea butter can leave a greasy feeling behind, but I am glad to say Le Beurre delivered with this product. As mentioned a cream is heavier than a lotion, but it wasn’t as much as I had expected. It was buttery to the touch, and non-greasy after applying. Throughout the day, I could feel the cream remained on my face and kept it hydrated without that greasy feeling.





 Le Beurre offers shea butter creams for the body in various scents including the original unscented above, and the ones pictured below:lavender, vanilla, lemongrass, and sage. All the creams left my skin feeling baby-soft, and the scented ones offered a nice and subtle fragrance. They do their job at keeping skin super moisturized, and have a buttery texture- to best describe it.

The unscented one still had a nice and natural scent to it, and I loved how smooth all the creams felt. My skin is already soft as is, but the shea butter creams gave it a silky-soft feel that stayed put throughout the whole day. My husband even noticed, and kept complementing me on how extra soft my skin was feeling.

Le Beurre’s shea butter creams are the perfect cure for dry skin, especially extra dry areas like elbows, knees and heels. They also work as cuticle moisturizers for your nails, in other words they are the perfect prescription for soft skin from head to toe.

beurre lavender shea butter


beurre vanilla shea butter


beurre lemongrass shea butter

beurre sage shea butter

If you love shea butter, and are looking for a luxurious cream to try check out Le Beurre Shop. You will not be disappointed by the skin-softening results this all-natural product delivers.