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The 7 best tips for summer hair care

Most of us long for summer so we can lounge underneath the sun and just be, but we sometimes forget the effect different seasons have on our hair.  A few things to blame for stressed out tresses are the sun, chlorine from pools and sand and salty water from the beach.

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You don’t have to sacrifice your vacation to maintain luscious hair, simply check out these quick tips to help keep dry hair hydrated!

  1. Apply a moisturizer or hair oil ONCE a week around summertime. Be sure to massage through from your scalp to the ends. One moisturizer that i have tried and loved is by Ojon. Their Dry Recovery intensive hair mask smells so yummy, and leaves hair soft. The best part, you only leave it on for only two minutes!
  2. Shampoo less or use a non-stripping shampoo like Wen. Shampooing everyday can cause hair to become dry and strip haircolor.  I started using Wen a couple years ago, and still love the way it maintains my hair. Check out my Wen Review! Besides not fading haircolor, it also leaves my hair soft, shiny and manageable minus the detergent and surfactants found in most shampoos.
  3. Enjoy the heat from outside not from your blow dryer! Cut back on styling with heat, especially if it is a daily ritual. Instead try casual and cool hairstyles for summer, like braids and high buns. Read this post for -> perfect and casual summer hair tutorials.
  4. Get a trim. Hair is said to grow fastest around summer, so it’s a good idea to cut all the damaged ends around this time.
  5. Keep your body hydrated. As they say, health is from within. If you keep your body healthy, hair and nails will follow. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration, it is also said to help hair grow and prevent hair loss.
  6. If you must use styling products, use one with UV protection. Biosilk shine-on finish spray is a good candidate since it protects from the sun, controls frizz and is super light on hair. Spritz this all over just before heading out to the beach!
  7. Keep it cool! Rinse off hair after swimming with cool water not hot. This will help remove salt and chlorine. This is very important, especially if you don’t have access to shower immediately. Rinsing your hair with cool water is not only for summertime, it’s a year-round tip. You can shower in warm water, and just before you are going to step out switch to cool and rinse your hair. This helps close the cuticle and seal in moisture.

Keeping hair moisturized around summertime might seem like a tough task, hopefully these tips simplified it a bit.

What are your favorite tips for keeping hair nice and soft year-round?


Goldwell kerasilk hair silk fluid review

Goldwell kerasilk instant silk fluid from Hairtrade.com is a leave-in treatment for dry and frizzy hair.

The bottle is a pretty good size, 4.2 ounces, with a pump for easy use; and can be used on both dry or damp hair. It is enhanced with vitamin E to nourish hair, and has UV filters to protect hair from external damage. It’s good for all hair types and doesn’t weigh hair down.

The texture is a soft, creamy white, which applies smoothly on hair. It does help with frizz, but works best to add shine. The smell is great, and remains in hair as a subtle clean scent.

Though this silk fluid works well on both damp and dry hair, I prefer using hair silk out of the shower. I expected the silk fluid to be clear, rather than white and was a bit aprehensive at first since I thought it would weigh my hair down or make it feel like too much product was on my hair. I applied a few pumps to my roots and ends, worked it evenly throughout, and let my hair air dry. I was very happy the silk fluid left a crisp scent and left my hair feeling soft and manageable. Once my hair was dry, I flat-ironed it and used the silk fluid as a heat protectant. Worked great, and gave my finished look a nice sheen.


Overall, this product did as promised. Due to heat processing and bleaching, my hair can get very dry. Goldwell’s silk fluid definitely added much needed moisture and shine to my hair, and helped battle some frizz. I loved the fact it is a leave-in treatment, but also doubled as a heat-styling product. As I mentioned, the bottle is a good size, and since not much product is needed to tame hair, it will definitely last you a few months!


10 Tips for Better Hair

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? Not Necessarily ! Just follow these simple tips for healthy hair.

You don’t have to resign yourself to poor hair quality or early hair loss; with some amount of tender loving care you can make sure your hair looks great. Here are some general pointers that will help you have the best hair you can possibly have, barring genetic limitations –

  1. Eat for healthy hair: What is good for your body? Natural, healthy, unprocessed food. It’s good for the body and it’s good for your hair, because eating healthy means that your hair gets the nutrition it needs for strength and shine.
  2. Drink for hair: Similar to food, drinking enough water and staying properly hydrated is great for the hair and skin, as well as the body.
  3. Protect your hair from harsh products: Use hair care products that are good quality and which use fewer harmful chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils and rob it of shine. Try gentle shampoos (baby shampoos are often recommended as being gentle), also use products that are specifically for your hair type.
  4. Protect your hair from harsh procedures: Remember that rebonding, perming and so on tend to alter the chemical structure or the hair and weaken the hair shaft. This leads to damaging it and making it prone to breakage. However if you do have to perform these procedures, be sure to be extra careful and care for your hair afterward.
  5. Protect your hair from water: Though water itself is not going to damage your hair, very hot water can dry it out. So make sure you use water that is warm or cold when shampooing to prevent it from drying out. Also remember to protect hair from chlorine if you’re going swimming. Wear a protective cap or wet your hair with regular water before hand to prevent it from soaking in the chlorine.
  6. Protect your hair from the sun: Sun can dry and bleach hair, robbing it of natural shine and vitality. Use products with built in sunscreen or use hats or scarves to protect your hair from the elements.
  7. Shampoo right: Don’t pile your hair on the head when washing it, this can tangle it and mean more breakage.  Wet hair properly and then massage in the shampoo gently without vigorous scrubbing.
  8. Always use a conditioner: This helps smooth the hair shaft, so that the dreaded frizz in your hair is controlled. Also conditioners smooth the hair and help in detangling, so that there is less hair breakage.
  9. Give yourself a head massage: Massaging the scalp is said to have many positive impacts – it can improve blood circulation helping the hair follicle receive more nutrition and stimulating new growth, and may even combat dandruff. It can ease headaches and aid in relaxation.
  10. Mind how you comb your hair: Most experts advise against combing hair when wet since this can pull and stretch the hair shaft. Also that old adage about 100 brush strokes is outdated. Brush only as much as you have to, and be sure to use a gentle brush with rounded tips.

Author bio:

This is a guest post by Sarika Periwal, who represents cure-for.info, a website propagating natural hair loss treatments and other home remedies for hair problems. Common hair conditions like premature graying, baldness, etc can be prevented and sometimes even treated effectively through natural means.

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Conditioning homemade mask for dry/damaged hair

Hair can become damaged by many factors, including weather and heat overuse.

Around summertime, it’s very easy for hair to become dry due to the sun, and pool or ocean water. Chlorine found in most pools is very damaging for both your skin and hair, that’s why it’s very important to shower following a swimming session. Hair can also become damaged from using heat styling tools very often and not protecting your hair with a serum or heat defense oil. If you use styling tools, swim, or are in harsh weather every week, it’s a good idea to use a conditioning mask for your hair once a week or every other week. There are great store-bought treatments you can try, or you can take a do-it-yourself approach and check out this homemade recipe!

You will need:

  • a mixing bowl
  • gloves
  • 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
  • 1 Tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 egg (optional)
  • whisk
  • shower cap

Application process:

  1. Use the whisk to beat the egg in the mixing bowl.
  2. Add the mayo and blend it well with the egg.
  3. Pour in the olive oil while you whisk the ingredients together to create a blended and whipped consistency.
  4. Wash your hair, or ensure it’s damp before you apply the mask.
  5. Using your gloves, start applying the mask evenly from root to tip. Pile on more on the ends, since they’re the oldest growth and have the most damage.
  6. When all your hair is fully saturated, wrap it up into a bun and cover it with the shower cap.
  7. Leave on for 30-45 minutes depending on hair dryness.
  8. Rinse off with cool water, shampoo, condition and style as normal.

Doing this treatment on your hair once a month or once every two weeks is enough to restore a soft and manageable texture. The olive oil moisturizes and seals the moisture in your hair, which helps keep a soft appearance and prevents frizzies. Eggs are a great source of protein, which adds strength as well as shine to your hair and prevents future breakage and split-ends. The fats and oils found in mayo are a great source of hydration for dry hair, will leave hair soft and shiny. Just be sure to rinse very well with cool water and shampoo and condition. For an extra splash of shine rinse your hair again with a cold beer, after you have rinsed the mask off!


What’s your favorite homemade recipe to condition dry hair?!



10 beauty tips to boost your mood

Have you ever noticed how a change in hair color can change your style and alter your mood??

Though confidence comes from within, there are a couple things you can do to boost your mood which include: getting a pedicure, changing your haircolor, getting a new haircut, trying out a new makeup look, or getting glowing skin.

Keep reading for ten beauty tips to boost your mood!

1. As mentioned, changing your haircolor is a simple and sometimes drastic way to change your look. If you’re scared to go permanent, or simply want to try a color out before committing ask for a semi-permanent dye which washes out within a couple of weeks. If you always wanted to have blonde hair, but are worried about the final outcome try highlights. They can range from honey blonde to full on platinum and are a more subtle way to going blonde.

2. If you have a day to rest, use it to pamper yourself! Use a hair treatment to condition your hair and relax in your very own home spa. Here’s how to make a nourishing avocado hair mask right at home!

-Mash up an avocado and add 1 Tbsp. of honey and 1/2 Tbsp of olive oil.

-Blend the ingredients well and apply from the roots to the tips of your hair. Leave on for 25-30 minutes.

-Rinse hair mask with cool water and apply conditioner if desired.

3. Look at pictures online or in magazines and find a new haircut. You know how if you have long hair you sometimes want to just chop it all off and try a shorter do? Do it, hair does grow back if you change your mind! Extensions and wigs are easy ways to try a new style, and range in prices.

4. Relax and pamper your skin with a homemade facial mask.
-mix 1/2cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup of oatmeal and 1 tsp. of baking soda for a moisturized and clear complexion.

-wash your face with soap and water, dry it, and apply the oatmeal mix.

-place a gauze with holes for your eyes and mouth over your face, place two cucumbers over your eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes.

-wash face with water and use a sea salt and honey scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Rinse scrub off with cool water, dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.

5. Take an aromatic bath! Get fresh rose petals, sea salt and add a drop of your favorite essential oil into your warm bathwater. Light a few candles, dim the lights and listen to your favorite relaxing music. After a long day at work, you deserve a break just for yourself. Don’t forget to take a quick shower after your bath.

6. Give yourself a foot massage. Or ask your hunny to spoil you a little bit and give you a massage! Check out this previous article for an at home moisturizing banana pedicure recipe.

7. Try a new makeup look. Makeup can be used to accentuate your best features. Check out YouTube for tons of great makeup tutorials and test out a new look.

8. Try a new workout! Exercise isn’t just great at helping you drop some weight, it’s also an excellent way to boost your mood naturally.

9. Make your own body oil and use it after showering for smoother skin. Choose your favorite essential oil and mix in 15-20 drops in a bottle with grape seed or olive oil. Use it daily as soon as you step out of the shower so it can soak into your skin, for a smoother feel.

10. Save some cash and give yourself a manicure! Use warm oil instead of water when soaking your hands for extra moisture. Do a simple and elegant French manicure, or try a more flashy color and pattern! Check out this previous article for ideas: nail art for natural nails.

Spend a whole day pampering the most important person in your life, YOU!

Hope you enjoyed these tips and feel free to share your own in the comments below!

Dry shampoo review

How often do you wash your hair?

It’s recommended to shampoo hair  2-4 times a week to avoid stripping hair-color and natural oils from your scalp. If you workout daily or live in an area with warm weather it might leave your head feeling not so fresh. A great fix to that problem is using dry shampoo on the days you skip washing your hair. Dry shampoo helps refresh your hair by getting rid of the excess oil and evenly distributing it throughout your hair to bring out a natural shine. Here are a couple I have tried and a few greatly recommended.

Tresemme fresh start

So sexy style clean & go

Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk

Sexy hair volumizing dry shampoo

Fekkai au naturel

Have you tried dry shampoo? Got any you’d like to recommend?!