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Daily Goodie Box May review

April’s Daily Goodie Box came with all the cool samples below. 

This month had a nice variety with products I hadn’t yet heard of, and a few from companies I already knew about. 

Ona cookies 

Ona cookies brownie tasted delicious. They were soft, but had a nice texture with the chopped nuts added in. It’s a nice snack, especially when looking for healthy and clean products. Would definitely buy these to satisfy cravings. Check them out here!

Viter energy caffeinated breath mints

I had no idea caffeinated breath mints existed, thank you Daily Goodie Box for introducing them to me! I got a wintergreen flavor pack and it was very yummy. Nice way to freshen up your breath, and get a kick of caffeine. Try tthem out for yourself here.

Natralia eczema body wash & shampoo

 I had previously tried this brand from a lotion in a previous Goodie Box, and loved the fact Natralia aims for natural products you can trust. Especially when it comes to products for your kids, you want to make sure you know what goes on their skin. I tried this as body wash and really liked the fact it didn’t have overpowering scents, as well as the active ingredient being colloidal oatmeal. It had a lotion-like texture and left my skin feeling smooth. Definitely nice to keep around if your kids have dry, itchy skin,  or in case rashes happen. Check out this and other great products from Natralia here.

Volo vitamins energy sticks

Grab a stick and go! Nice pick me up to keep in your purse for when you are low on energy. I liked the citrus flavored one a little more than the berry, simply because I prefer lemon flavored drinks. Not too sweet when mixed with a good amount of water, and even more refreshing with ice. I like this type of energy drink over others that overstimulate the body. Check them out here.

Tiger Balm pain relieving patch

Oldie but a goodie! If you have ever used Tiger Balm for pains or sprains you will probably remember it’s scent and goopy texture, and now they offer a quick yet effective alternative with these patches. Ladies who suffer from back pain from pms, you seriously need this. Tried and loved it. Relieves the pain, without the mess or harsh scent. Stock up on these convenient and effective Tiger Balm patches here.

Kicking horse coffee

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I love coffee! My daily coffee ritual started after having my first baby, and it’s still going strong after my second born. With that being said, I was soooo happy to receive this full size sample of Kicking Horse coffee in a dark roast. This was the first thing I tried out of my Daily Goodie Box.  I love the packaging, and even more the fact this dark roast is describedas “sweet, smoky, audacious”. I brewed myself a cup and tried it black to get the actual flavor, it tasted good. Smooth, you get a subtle sweetness, and I actually didn’t mind drinking the full cup with nothing added to it. Coffee lover? You can’t pass this one up, look for Kicking Horse’s various roasts here.

Georgia Grinders creamy peanut butter

If I could describe Georgia Grinders creamy peanut butter in one word, it would be balance. It tastes like you took some peanuts, lightly salted them, and grinded then to a creamy spread. I’ve had various peanut butter brands, and this one ranks as probably the most natural-tasting. I’m sure that’s exactly what they were aiming for, mission achieved. You have to knead it before squeezing it out to ensure it has that soft and creamy texture. Are you looking for a natural and great tasting peanut butter? Then get your own Georgia Grinders peanut butter here.

Andalou face cream

This sample couldn’t have come at a better time! I was literally looking for a new face cream since I had just finished the one I had been using. The sample I received from Andalou was a hyaluronic DMAE lift & firm cream. The job of this cream is to give you a lifted, former and more youthful appearance (who doesn’t want that right?!) It’s vegan, and most importantly, cruelty free. It had a very light fruity scent and left my face feeling soft and clean, with no added weight or oils. I could definitely see myself purchasing a full size of this one, mostly because of that tight, clean feeling it left. No redness, dryness or breakout after using it for well over a week. Try out Andalou’s creams and check out their various products here.

Swago cologne

The hubby was a little hesitant on helping me out by trying this Swago cologne, mostly because it was a wipe 🙂 I wasn’t sure what to expect from a cologne wipe either, but surprisingly it had a nice scent to it. To best describe it, it smelled like a clean man’s cologne. Not too musty, more on the freshly showered side. Be sure to only do a few dabs of these wipes so as not to overdo it. Never had I heard of cologne wipes, yet they seem like a perfect addition for a guy on the go. Keep some stashed in your car, or at the office. Grab some Swago cologne wipes for your favorite guy here.

Prince of Peace ginger candy

I’ll admit, when I saw these in the box I wasn’t too excited. But once I opened one up and realized it was a chewy kind, my first impression changed. I have tried ginger candy before, but a chewy kind was a first for me. I tried four the first time, because I couldn’t stop after the first lol. They are coated in powdered sugar, which is a nice offset to the ginger. The chewy texture makes this ginger candy stick out from others I’ve tried. If you are pregnant or want to get something to keep around for when you have an upset tummy, get these! You not only get the great health benefits ginger provides, but it’s a nice little gummy treat. Buy some here.