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Brazilian Wax-What to expect and what happens?

Hello everybody. Today I am going to talk to you about Brazilian waxing. For those of you who don’t know, a Brazilian wax is removing all of your hair in the pubic area. The difference between a Brazilian wax and a bikini wax, is that a bikini wax will take off everything from the sides of your bikini line, so when you put on your bikinis you will have no hair around the bikini line area.

There is also something called an extended bikini waxing which takes off a little bit more, but you still have a little bit of hair there, like a landing strip. Now, a Brazilian wax is taking off everything, and it also involves taking off everything from the back. And by the back I mean the bum, so all the hair that grows on your bum will be waxed as well.

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So, what happens during a Brazilian wax?

I noticed there are a lot of people on the internet, most of them who never got a Brazilian wax before, asking questions about the procedure. What happens in there? Does it hurt? How much does it costs..  and so on and so forth.

I have been to a lot of different places and I think I know the drill pretty well. It varies a little bit from location to location but basically here is how it goes.

If you never got a Brazilian wax before, the aesthetician that you will meet at the salon will probably briefly explain the process before she starts. After that you will be asked to remove you clothes from the waist down. Yeah, you will have to get naked for this. The aesthetician usually doesn’t leave the room while you are supposed to undress, so you don’t have to be surprised if she stays in the room preparing the wax or something.

Depending on the location and the person that is doing the procedure you may get a disposable panty that you can use to cover yourself and also to assist the aesthetician doing the waxing. Again this isn’t always happening, some places do it some don’t.

Once you are naked you will be asked to lay on the bed on your stomach and the aesthetician will start waxing off your bum area. This is done using a special type of wax, called hard wax. When using hard wax there is no need to use strips anymore, the aesthetician can just pull of the wax itself. Then, you will be asked to lie on your back so that your front area will be exposed. Usually the waxing begins with the side area and then in goes into the more sensitive areas, like the labia. Around the bikini line and the sides, the aesthetician can use regular wax and a strip to remove the hair instead of hard wax, which is used only for the sensitive areas.

After the waxing is done, any remaining hair will be removed using a tweezers. Be careful though, not all salons do this.

But, will it hurt???

Now, about the pain I can tell you that it didn’t hurt that much for me. You feel a discomfort obviously, but it is not very painful. The pain level might vary from person to person and it pretty much depends on the type of  hair. For people with thicker, darker hair it is going to be a little bit more painful, while for people with thinner hair it’s usually not that bad. Anyways, in time the discomfort level will decrease as your body gets used to it.

What price should I pay and where to get a Brazilian wax?

Try out different places. I have been to places that charge 40, I’ve been to places that charge 60, and I’ve been to places that charge 20. Going to a place that charges more doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a better service. The cheapest I have found was actually my favorite one, so the price is not directly related to the quality.

Have you gone Brazilian yet?! Share your comments below!

Author Bio:
Cristi is a part time blogger experienced in many hair related topics from various hair removal techniques like Brazilian wax to hair growth supplements like biotin vitamin.

Sugaring, the sweet side of hair removal

Originated in Egypt, sugaring is one of the oldest hair removal methods.

There are many methods for hair removal available today. Laser treatments for hair removal are a very popular method, but are also very expensive.

As an alternative to laser hair removal procedures, many people have chosen to wax or shave unwanted hair. Irritation or ingrown hairs can sometimes occur from shaving or waxing, but both are affordable methods.

One of the oldest hair removal methods is sugaring, which originated in ancient Egypt and continues to be very popular in Middle Eastern countries. Sugaring is an alternative for people who have had unpleasant skin reactions when removing hair, such as redness or bumps.
Sugaring is similar to waxing in that a warm mixture is slathered on the skin and then quickly removed to pull out hair follicles by the roots ,it’s said to be less painful since the sugar paste adheres only to the hair and it can never scald the way a hot wax can because you roll it in your hands before application.
Sugaring is hypoallergenic and an ideal hair removal method for sensitive skin, but remember to test a small area first just to be sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to it. It’s a great method to avoid skin irritations and hair regrowth is slow.
There are sugaring hair removal kits that have correct amounts of sugar, lemon and water pre-mixed, or you can check out the video at the end of this post and make your own.  All you need to do is warm the mixture by placing it in hot water. When it becomes spreadable, simply apply it in the direction your hair grows, cover with cotton strips, allow it to cool and then pull the strips in the opposite direction of hair growth.For best results, the hairs should be short. Pull the skin that you’re going to treat taut and spread the sugaring paste onto it in the direction the hair grows. Then pull it back in one stroke. Rinse with cool water afterwards. Always make sure to read and follow the directions provided.