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Ovarian cancer: 12 signs of the silent killer infographic

September is ovarian cancer month, a time to raise awareness on “the silent killer”.  No woman wants to think of the possibility that she may have ovarian cancer, but it is beneficial to not only get a screening but also know the warning signs associated with it.

Check out the infographic below to learn facts about ovarian cancer as well as twelve signs to look for.


12 Signs of The Silent Killer – Ovarian Cancer (InfoGraphic) - An Infographic from Health For Her

Embedded from Health For Her

Best workouts to stay fit while pregnant

Exercise is needed at all stages of your life to provide a healthy mind and fit body. Once you commit to working out, it is not a temporary fix, It’s a lifestyle change. Being pregnant makes no exceptions. If anything, you should be more committed than before since you are now working out to keep your body fit not only for yourself, but also for your baby.

If you have the time, most hospitals and some gyms offer workout classes specifically for pregnancy. If you don’t have the time, or simply prefer doing it on your own, there are many DVD workouts you can invest on and even some free YouTube videos you can check out. One video I found to be very helpful and and great for all trimesters is a prenatal yoga routine which I have shared below.

Prenatal yoga is a great workout for pregnancy because it focuses on stretching and breathing, as well as keeping your body toned and strong for delivery. Breathing is an important part of giving birth, even though it might be forgotten when you are trying to push something out of your body. That is the reason why daily yoga has great benefits towards an easier delivery and recovery. It focuses on teaching you to relax and breathe, and also helps keep your back, thighs and legs strong. Another plus about yoga, are kegels.

Kegels are floor exercises in which you contract then relax your pelvic muscles to improve muscle tone by strengthening muscles in your pelvis. And as we all know, a strong pelvis is an advantage during delivery. The yoga video above has you do a few kegel exercises, but you can also do them on your own anytime, anywhere. While you are driving, sitting, working. You are pretty much contracting your pelvis muscle upwards and holding for a few seconds, then releasing. Kegels won’t just help during delivery, but also during recovery.

Walking is another recommended activity during pregnancy. If you have a treadmill, use it. If you don’t, take daily walks around your neighborhood or a nearby park. Walking is an easy and helpful workout during pregnancy, because it keeps you active and keeps your leg/thigh muscles working. Another alternative you can try, is using a stationary bike or an elliptical.

As mentioned, you can also buy some DVD’s specifically for pregnancy. Below are a few you can try.

One awesomely priced DVD I purchased and recommend is”Pregnancy fitness” by Linday Brin. You might have heard of Lindsay who is the owner of mom’s into fitness, a website dedicated to fit moms pre and post delivery. Check out her site here -> Moms into Fitness

Pregnancy fitness DVD

The reason I recommend the above DVD by Lindsay Brin, is due to its price and the fact it is a 4 DVD set. It includes workouts specifically tailored for first, second and third trimester, and a postnatal bootcamp I cannot wait to try. You get all of this for under $10, cannot be beat! Buy Lindsay Brin’s Pregnancy Fitness DVD here!

Another workout which is very helpful during pregnancy is Pilates.  YouTube once again offers a few options, but i found the one below to be my favorite. It is broken up into 10 minute sessions, which makes it easy to do on anyone’s schedule. Pilates help keep your body strength during pregnancy and are said to help ease your time in labor. They focus on keeping you fit, through stretching, and moves to give your full body a workout.


Health and exercise during pregnancy play a huge role in a healthy delivery and in bouncing back to a fit body postpartum. Never do any type of workout that causes you discomfort or pain. If you worked out prior to getting pregnant, it will be easier for you to tell what is within your limits and when you are doing too much; if you weren’t as active  prior to baby stick to light walking or try yoga with your physicians approval. Whenever trying a new workout routine, it’s best to talk to your physician to ensure you and your baby are safe to try. 

A guy’s opinion:how to be a fit & sexy lady

Hello ladies.  I’m a fit, active, athletic male and I am an extreme sucker for fit, athletic ladies.  I’m a real man, I’m not chasing after 6 foot 100 pound models that have been touched up with an airbrush and pasted into a magazine.  While I will admit to looking and smiling at each and every photo in Victoria’s Secret catalog, that’s not really what us guys want or expect. We love ladies who take care of themselves, are healthy, fun and smart.  We do also love a great body and in my opinion, here are some of the best exercises and tips to help you drive the guys and the girls wild; because let’s be honest we know who you’re trying to impress!

Free-weights Are Your Friends

Don’t be afraid of the weights, you aren’t going to turn into a beastly lady.  Do extremely high repetitions in your sets.  Think 20 to 30 to make yourself tired, you’ll have amazing muscle stamina and give yourself the leanest look possible.  Lie down on a bench and do bench press exercises to keep your chest perky and work those tricep extensions for lean sexy arms and no jiggle.

Bands Are Amazing

I use bands myself and they are absolutely fantastic.  You can mimic dozens of exercises and add resistance to ever motion.  Go with the lighter bands and buy the ones with handles if you prefer.  Use the bands instead of free-weights for a wonderful resistance workout that will leave your upper body toned.

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Yoga – Oh Ya!

Ladies, we do love the yoga and we do love the pants.  Stretching is an absolutely crucial part of long, sexy muscles and exercises that use your own body weight are perfect.  There is a reason they call them “yoga arms,” it’s because all of the downward dog positions involve holding yourself in push-up type positions, sculpting your arms, shoulders and engaging your tummy.

Any Of Those Classes!

Zoomba, Dance, Tae-Bo, Pilates, Kenpo, Step, Jazzercise, Aerobics; the list goes on.  Not only is it more fun to work out with a class, but also most of these classes are typically a great workout that involves the whole body.  Not only are you sweating and burning calories, but toning your body all over.

A Long Lean Stomach

Of course we love a sexy stomach.  If you want that sexy stomach the most important thing to do is to eat healthily and burn calories.  You can’t have a sexy stomach if you have extra pounds, so cut back on the beers and empty calories and work on getting a sweat going more often.  Now that your body is thinner, focus on core exercises that are good for a tight stomach and not a 6 pack.  Crunches are always good, but try to do more leg raises and planks instead.

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Drink Water and Plenty Of It

Water is an amazing thing, it is delicious and 0 calories.  Additionally, it will help make your skin look wonderful.  Ditch the sodas and the empty calorie drinks that add up immensely throughout your day, cleanse your system and drink to better health by choosing water almost every time.

About the Author:

Cooper Elling is passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When he’s not working out he writes about Sono Bello, cooking and a myriad of other topics. He’s also active with Sono Bello on Twitter and Sono Bello on Facebook.

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Weight training for women

Weight training won’t make you bulk like the hulk if done correctly!

Many women steer clear of weights and anything related, from fear of looking like a bodybuilder. In reality, weight training is necessary for a tight and defined body.

Cardiovascular exercises get your heart pumping and help in losing calories.

Cardiovascular exercises, or cardio for short, are great to lower your blood pressure and burn calories which helps in weight loss. Most common forms of cardio include: treadmill, elliptical, dance, and aerobic sessions. As you do your cardio routine you feel your heartbeat raise, you get sweaty and sometimes notice a change in breathing. Your heart is a very important muscle, and when it beats faster from physical activity it means it’s getting stronger. When your heart rate increases, your heart works harder in distributing blood flow throughout your body, as compared to when it’s at a resting rate. During your workout you lose calories which helps your metabolism, and can be measured by a pedometer or a system programmed on most exercise machines. If you want to lose weight and tone your shape, you have to combine a mix of cardio and weight training.

Weight training is also great for a strong heart.

You might notice that your heartbeat isn’t as elevated as compared to a cardio workout, but when each move is done correctly it adds great benefits not only to your heart but overall body. Weight lifting is about control and accuracy, not speed. There are various moves which work different muscle groups, and if they are done incorrectly it won’t benefit you and you might end up with a sprained muscle. During a weight session, you are burning calories. After you finish your weight session and are out of the gym or on to your next activity, your body is still burning calories at a resting heart rate. Weight training increases your resting metabolic rate, which makes it possible for you to burn calories post-workout. When you do a weight routine, your muscles are pretty much being torn in order to add strength and mass. That’s why it’s recommended to take a day off in order for your muscles to recuperate. It’s also necessary to eat a meal rich in protein half an hour to an hour after your workout.

How do you lift weights?

When you lift weights it doesn’t mean you have to go and pick up the heaviest set of weights you can carry, and do as many repetitions until you feel sore and can hardly breathe. If you’re starting out it’s recommended to use a a 5-10lb weight, depending on your fitness level. Keep good posture when lifting and remember to push up through your legs when doing leg exercises to avoid back injury. Don’t stiffen your body, keep it relaxed and tighten your muscles as you work out. You shouldn’t feel discomfort or soreness when lifting, except in your last few repetitions per set. Short breaks are commonly taken between sets, but you can also keep your heart rate going by doing squats or jumping rope in place.

What’s the difference between sets and reps?

Sets and reps are commonly used terms in weight lifting. A set is pretty much used to describe how many times you will do a style of an exercise such as; three sets of dead lifts or five sets of tricep curls. A repetition, or rep for short, is how many times you will repeat that exercise within a set. In example: you will do three sets of dead lifts with ten repetitions. So you’re pretty much going to grab your weights, do a set of dead lifts ten times, take a break and repeat a total of three times. Sets and reps are used to avoid rushing through an exercise and in order to correctly do a workout which will be of better benefit to your body.

Best weight training for women

Most women are looking for a weight training workout which will tighten up and define their muscles. In order to tone, it’s recommended to break down a routine by doing 5 sets with 8-10 reps with minimal weight. As you progress, you can add more weight. The gym isn’t necessarily the best place for this workout, since all you really need is a pair of dumbbells, a hard floor or workout mat, and a workout routine. Routines are easy to find through magazines, workout DVDs, and the internet. Proper form is probably the hardest part to achieve, but by keeping good posture and not exceeding your own limits it can be learned. So there’s truly no excuse to not give weight training a chance. It’s also recommended to always get the go ahead from your physician before taking on any new physical activity, especially since some strain is put on your joints when doing certain moves. Proper nutrition and water intake are also needed  for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Weights just aren’t for me…

No big deal. Not everybody is a fan of weight lifting, but there are other forms of exercise which use your own body weight to define your muscles. Pilates, yoga, and swimming are a few great options to lose weight and tone up your body at the same time. These types of exercises combine cardio and use your body to create a strong, leaner appearance. Kick boxing can also be done, as well as working out to my favorite fitness guru, Jillian Michaels. Her workouts combine pilates, yoga, and weights to give you maximum results.

Got any questions or tips you’d like to share about workouts for women? Comment below!


Loving your post-pregnancy body

Your body was your child’s home for nine months, love it as your temple forever.

Has your body changed so much, that you can hardly recognize it from the way it looked when you were getting excited about trying to conceive; and using an ovulation calendar to make it happen faster? Every mother’s body, I am sure, is different from her pre-pregnancy body.

My personal experience…

My breasts have shrunk from a D cup to a small C since my pregnancies, and breastfeeding two children. They are also distinctly more saggy than before. I am still the same size I was before I had kids, but there is slightly more flab on my belly than before – and no, exercise will not cure this (or at least, as far as I’ve tried). I have three long stretch marks right around my belly button, and a few more on my bum.

“I love my stretch marks, they are the marks of a mother”, and “I love my saggy breasts, they tell the tale of how I nurtured my baby” are comments I have heard other women make. Despite pregnancy signs and symptoms like morning sickness and insomnia, I love being pregnant. I loved breastfeeding. But I am not saintly or perhaps hypocritical enough to be able to say I love my stretch marks or my slightly saggy boobs.

All womens bodies change  after pregnancy.

I am certain that every mother has noticed some unwelcome changes just like these; whether you started out slender or plus-sized, as an exercise nut or a couch potato. Regardless your age, every woman’s body changes somewhat after she has been through pregnancy.

It is possible to love your post-pregnancy body though!

Those stretch marks might be ugly, but they do fade away with time. That belly might be soft, but it still looks good. Those breasts may look different now, but they’re still your breasts. The key is to stop comparing your current body with your former body, and to love it for what it is now. I may have had bigger and more youthful breasts before I had my babies, but I didn’t have the nice biceps I have now.

What do you love about about your post-pregnancy body?! What were the parts you struggled to make peace with? Share your thoughts below!

Olivia’s blog, Trying To Conceive, offers something for women at all points of their parenting journey. Topics covered include fertility, pregnancy, babies and contraception.

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The Vitality show 2011

How many times a day are we promised a wonder product, the amazing solution, the cure to all our problems, to make us ‘look good and feel great.’ It’s easy to be jaded, but women are not foolish. One of the great things about the Vitality Show, currently running at Earls Court Two, is that it brings together pampering, healthy eating, dancing, socializing, beauty, haircare, travel, life coaching, career advice – in short, pretty much everything! It’s their holistic approach to wellbeing that makes it such an inspiring show. A sensory bombardment. It’s clear to see why the Show has been nominated consistently for awards such as “Most Impressive Visitor Experience” and “The Innovation Award.”

Wandering around are a mix of mums and daughters, groups of giggling girls, ladies indulging in much needed me time, glammed up dolls tottering in heels, dressed down sporty types waiting to try an exercise class, as well as everyone in between – which to be fair is the majority of us. Those that don’t fit into a certain category, but like a little bit of everything. The Vitality Show is certainly the place to be able to dabble in those every things, gather knowledge, indulge oneself, pick up some goodies, and focus on feeling good. For those looking for some real in depth focus, there are also extra workshops running on topics such as ‘Nourishing Me-Time’, ‘Power Living’, ‘Living the Balance’ and ‘How to Become a Money Magnet.’

Coming along after work I was eagerly seeking sustenance, and like a taxi to a tourist headed straight to the Food Lovers Fair; where I enjoyed Chocolate, Wine, Nakd nibbles, Absolute Cupcakes ,Easy Bean Stews, amongst others and discovered how tasty nutritious food can be. Some of it anyway – wheatgrass, I’m still not sold on!

The Travel Pavilion was understandably a big draw, offering suggestions for retreats and holidays that will leave you feeling renewed, as well as volunteering on holidays with companies such as i-to-i and Intrepid. It’s very easy to feel revitalized on holiday ,however the real challenge is continuing this in the ‘real life.’ This was the main benefit of the Show for me – I left feeling that even in my real life, I could be full of vitality. Although you might want to ask me again on Monday morning!

Bio: Francesca Baker is a freelance writer who shares her passion for literature by writing for ForBooksSake.net and runs a music magazine called It’s all happening where she promotes gigs in West London.

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