The best shades of blonde: 10 sexy hair color ideas

Have you ever thought about going blonde but were unsure of what shade to choose? Dying your hair blonde can either be a super exciting idea or leave you terrified and confused.

Will your hair be damaged? Will it look good on you? What if you look too blonde? These might be some of your concerns, especially if you have darker hair and a darker complexion. Blonde can look good on everyone, you just have to find the right shade and whether highlights or a full-head of blonde looks best. And to answer the first question, over-bleached hair can feel dry over time which is why hair treatments to add moisture are a must. Highlights don’t cause much damage, especially if your going for a medium blonde shade or go lighter gradually.

Here are ten blonde hair color looks to help you find the best one for you.

Platinum blonde

platinum blonde hair color



Honey blonde with platinum highlights


Brown and blonde ombre


Chunky blonde highlights


Peek-a-boo- blonde highlights


Balayage highlights


Golden blonde


 Multi-tonal blonde


 Dirty blonde


If you’re going to the salon, it’s a good idea to bring pictures of what color you’d like. It’s also good to be realistic with hair color expectations, if you have jet black don’t expect to be able to go platinum after one coloring session. Most often stylists tell you upfront what shade they can bring your hair to, and usually going 2-3 shades lighter is recommended to avoid over-damaging your hair.

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