The perfect gift for moms to be: 16 minute club subscription box review 

There are so many subscription boxes out there for makeup, food, soaps and many other things, that I was so surprised and excited when I found one for mom and baby. I’m sure there are other mom subscription boxes, but this one is specifically designed to help in the breastfeeding journey. Let me introduce you to the 16 Minute Club.

The 16 Minute Club is a subscription box that moms receive every six weeks for their baby’s first year. It comes with breastfeeding tips, as well as products specifically targeted for whatever stage you and baby are in. For example, if you are just starting your breastfeeding journey,  you might receive nipple cream or bra pads to help with leaks. Each box comes with a chapter specifically targeted at the stage you are in, whether it’s the start of your breastfeeding journey, or completing the first year.

Breastfeeding has been a hot topic lately. Whether it’s in the media for a mother being shamed for feeding her baby in public, or another being applauded for standing up for her right to feed her baby; breastfeeding has definitely received a lot of attention. I think breastfeeding is a beautiful way to nurture your baby, and it’s awesome to see innovative products designed to offer support in what can sometimes be a tough job.

I received a box from the 16 Minute Club to check out and review. Below is what a typical box looks like. The one I received was box number 10, which is designed for baby age 48-54 weeks. It’s targeted towards snacks for babies, caring for your soon to be toddler, and weaning…

Wrapped up all pretty upon opening the shipping box.

And all the goodies! 

A binder to keep all the chapters received with each box.

Here’s a look at one of the chapters with many tips and information on baby’s milestones, feeding stages, caring for baby and more.

As mentioned,  I received box number 10 since my baby girl is almost one year old. Almost one year into breastfeeding my little cutie and going strong! The box has lots of goodies for babies, so she was very happy with all the loot. It contains cool snack cups, a sippy cup, teething toys, a very cool spoon which doubles as a teether, a couple toys, stevia face wipes that taste sweet, and a stretchy straw-holder which can be used on cups and bottles. I was very impressed with all the stuff that came in the box, and most importantly the quality of it. We always want the best for our babies right?!

With each box, you also receive a chapter with tips about breastfeeding, baby milestones and all the things going on in your baby’s life depending on their age. 16 Minute Club was kind enough to send me all the chapters so I could give a more in depth review. I read them all, and think all the information provided is extremely helpful. Both for first time moms, and subsequent pregnancies. It’s a good tool to keep and take out for a quick refresh if you become pregnant again. Rather than Googling all this information and going to different websites,  you can have everything simply organized in a tidy binder right at home.

Happy baby with all her new stuff!

A few great things about 16 Minute Club

  • Designed by Wendy Wright, a breastfeeding mom who also happens to be a lactation consultant.
  • All the products are chosen with baby’s safety in mind. BPA free, organic, etc… they also choose domestically produced items and support women owned businesses when possible.
  • With every purchase  they donate 1% to Zero to Three, a national non-profit organization that provides parents, professionals and policy-makers the knowledge and know-how to nurture early development.
  • Each chapter goes into depth as far as discussing baby’s sleep habits, helping with latching on, milestones, and everything else associated with baby. But at the same time, it also reminds you that each baby reaches their own milestones at their own time. I think that is a great reminder for all parents.
  • Even the name of the box has to do with breastfeeding.  Sixteen minutes is the average time each breastfeeding session lasts. 

Overall,  I love the idea of a subscription box designed to assist in breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is something that looks so simple and is so natural, yet it can sometimes be very tough and stressful on moms. So providing them useful information as well as useful tools and gifts is a great idea. 

Check out their website, 16 Minute Club, for more information on the boxes.

Find your box by clicking the link below. You can also give this box subscription to a mom to be. Stress-free shopping for a gift that is both useful and fun for her!

Find my box here!

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