Top 10 hairstyles for short hair

If you are looking for a style to flatter your short hair, or looking to cut your hair and go shorter you have come to the right place! Whteher you are looking for a chic bob, fun pixie, or a simple and classic layered cut, there are many options when it comes to short hair.

Transitioning from long to short…

I am sure most of you have seen the tweets and all the stirrup over Miley’s new do. New very very short do. I would never go that short, simply due to the fact i have a round face and don’t think this style would be flattering. Regardless, i think Miley looks great with long or short hair. Some women just have features on their face which can look great framed by short locks.

picture on right found here

Check out a few more cute hairstyles for short hair. How do you prefer you hair: long or short?  Which short style is you favorite?!

Pink’s makeup matches this rocker chic cut perfectly! This style is nice if you aren’t afraid to go very short. Short hairstyles like this one allow you to play with texture and will put earrings and necklaces on display!

Paparazzi went wild when Katie Holmes debuted her short blunt bob with bangs. This is a very cute look. It will look best if your hair is straight or easy to manage and style in the mornings. This cut will also look nice with curled /wavy hair.

Rhianna has currently been sporting short styles. I like this one, because it shows off her neck and shoulders but keeps a feminine feel with the curls.

Alyssa Milano went for a really short and playful pixie here. If you have a long neck, this is a nice way to show it off.

Sandra Bullock looks very elegant in this chic bob. It just sweeps on her shoulders, so the option to pull it back is still available. Some texture was also added to her ends to avoid a blunt look. If you like this cut but want to change it up a bit just ask for some layers.

Mary J Blige is the queen of short hairstyles. This asymmetrical style is fun and the color in her hair looks great paired with the cut. This is a nice way to keep some length on one side, and see what going really short looks like on the other side.

Katy Perry loves vintage inspired fashion, and this cut is perfectly vintage. This is a nice look if you are looking to cut your hair short but still want some length. She has the ends curled, so straight it is a bit  longer.

Anne Hathaway chopped off her long locks for a role in “Les Miserables”. It was reported via peoplestylewatch that she cried and was “inconsolable” after her cut. I would be too:( But Anne pulls off this look very well. She has perfect facial features to rock this look, and softens it up with the retro fashion.

Keira Knightley sports a very short pixie cut above. This short do is cute because it involves lots of texture and is a piecy look. Looks well tousled and  is can be easily styled at home. Always ask your stylist to teach you how to style your cut before you leave the salon!

Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham wore an a-line cut. This style is fun and frames high cheekbones well. It’s a very stylish and playful cut, but does require upkeep to maintain shape.




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