Top 5 best creepy Halloween costumes for women

Time to find the perfect Halloween costume yet again! If you are looking for a scary and gory look, check out the options below.

1. Carrie– this classic horror film has a pretty creepy leading lady, and the costume itself can be very inexpensive to do it yourself. All you really need, is a prom dress, heels, a tiara, and as long as you don’t mind being covered in blood, you’ll be good to go. Here’s how to achieve this costume.

2. Nurse from Silent Hill– this costume will definitely scare a few since that whole no visible face look is pretty creepy. All you need to buy is a nurse costume and check out the tutorial for your bandage mask below.

3. La Llorona– she is a folklore legend in Latin culture said to have drowned her children and forever remain roaming the land crying for her children. To create a costume inspired by la llorona, you will need dark clothes, like a long black dress and poncho and face paint. Below is an outfit idea, as well as a tutorial to create a llorona look.

4. Porcelain dollfor some reason, some people find dolls utterly scary. I’m not sure if it’s their stare, or the way many are made to look so realistic that creeps people out; but either way this is yet another super easy costume to replicate. Check out the tutorial below for both an outfit and makeup inspiration.

5. Clown– yes, this is a costume that has been around forever, but the great thing about creating your own costume is you can turn an old idea into an original and creepy look. Below are a couple videos to check out, depending on what kind of clown-look you are going for- all are definitely on the scary side.

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