Top 5 entertaining websites when you’re bored

Need a break or just looking for a way to entertain yourself online? Check out this list with five entertaining websites to check out!

1. Watch some videos. You Tube is a great way to spend time, whether you are looking for music videos or in need of trying out a new makeup look. This website has a vast collection of videos that will make you laugh, cry, dance and teach you something new.

2. Share your interests. Pinterest allows you to check out others tastes and interests, as you share your own. Interested in artsy photos, cookie recipes, or vintage home decor? Pin it!

3. Win some cash while you play!  Cheeky bingo offers a few gamerooms to play bingo and win actual cash prizes. This site allows you to play for free and has a very fun layout, which is very easy to navigate.

4. Feeling more blue than bored? FML to the rescue! Check out other peoples not-so-happy moments, and i’m sure once you read a few of them you’ll realize it could be worse. A lot of them are pretty funny, which will also help in brightening your mood.

5. Choose a fun game to play from a great selection. Pogo has many games, ranging from crossword puzzles to more interactive ones. A few games include Zuma’s revenge, monopoly, and Plants vs zombies. I’m sure you’ll find something to keep you busy at this site!

If you are still bored after trying out these sites, then try getting out of the house and getting some air. Do some exercise, go for a walk at the mall, have a conversation with friends or family, pretty much do something to get out of that bored state of mind!

Which is your favorite website to visit when trying to kill time?!

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    I will have to check out Pogo. I love looking at different sites to see what is out there. I always go to DISH Online to watch TV shows or movies. I love this site because they show current and older episodes of several shows for free. They even have older shows like Charles in Charge. A co-worker at DISH told me about this site and now I am addicted to it. I need to find some other sites out there to check out. I do love Pinterest also.

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