Top tips for summer skincare

Summer can be such a euphoric experience with the sun shining and more relaxed atmosphere. Maybe you have a vacation planned or need to go out of town. Your attitude becomes more carefree and in all that, you may let your skincare routine slip. So, let me help you to keep your skin looking gorgeous, with our simple guide to summer skincare.

A Face Mask

Face masks are a genius way of keeping your skin looking gorgeous. There are some brilliant ones in the stores and you could even make your own face mask right at home.

Try to use one once a week and relax, while it’s on.  Why not create a  spa experience right at the comfort of your home?!  Put some soothing music on , light some candles and run a scented bath.


It’s important to stay hydrated at all times,  not just in summertime. Make water work for you. Drink water continuously, throughout the day – not just when you’re thirsty.  Don’t forget the amazing benefits water has for your skin; like it helps to flush out toxins and also aids tissue rejuvenation.


After drinking water, moisturizing is the best thing you can do for your skin.
Why not buy a moisturizer with an SPF? Check out the top 5 here.

Don’t use sun beds

Sun beds don’t seem like a big deal but they are the worst thing you can do for your skin – not just in summer but year round. They massively increase the risk of skin cancer, and over time affects skins texture.

If you really can’t live without that sun kissed glow, why not fake it?! Nobody ever has to know and it’s much better for you. Check out the best ones here.

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Do use sun lotion

Not to be confused with moisturizing. Did you know that UV rays can affect your skin, even through the clouds? So in summertime, it’s twice as important to wear sunscreen. Sunburn may result in a golden tan but the truth is: sunburn = damage. Irreversible damage.


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