Turquoise jewelry

Sometimes accessories complete an outfit, especially if they are bright and bold!

One of my favorite colors in jewelry is turquoise. It’s not too common of a color, but it’s definitely a beautiful shade. It looks great when paired with a neutral outfit, and gives a great contrast when wearing all black. Check out a few lovely pieces of turquoise inspired jewelry below! Which is your favorite?!

Silver & Turquoise vine ring


Starfish studded earrings


Beach fun earrings


Hematite & Turquoise chain necklace


Turquoise beaded “strength” bracelet

The starfish earrings are really cute, and I love the look of the vine ring. Another great thing of these pieces is they are all very affordable and super chic! Bring some fun color into your wardrobe!


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    Julia Bockwinkel

    Love turquoise, especially a chunky piece! The real stone is best, but the color is still great. Love those little sea star studs (my elementary school science teacher drilled into me that they’re not fish, so we shouldn’t call them that). I like that piece from Torrid too, plus-size retailers often surprise with their acessories.

    Thanks for sharing,



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