Ugg-style boots may damage feet

As reported in ugg-style boots may cause damage to your feet from lack of support on the inside.

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Ugg-style boots are made to be worn indoors as slippers, not to be doing outside activity. Since there isn’t enough support on the sole, your foot is at a weird angle and overtime this might cause injury to your joints.
I found this article so interesting since ugg boots are so common  from kids to adults, at home or running their errands. Who would have ever stopped to think that their favorite and not-so-cheap boots might one day cause injury to their feet? Will this stop you from wearing your uggs or boots? Make sure to let us know how you feel about this below in the comments!

Teenage girl wears wonderful ugg boots in Dublin - Ireland - brown ugg boots with jeans and pink socks! Enjoy!
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Follow the link to read the entire article and see what the makers of ugg boots had to say on this matter.

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