Valentine’s day gifts for the Hello Kitty lover!

Got a Hello Kitty fanatic in your life?! Surprise them with these cute kitty ideas 🙂

Hello Kitty is an icon, not only adored by children but adults as well. She’s made her way out of Sanrio, and found herself at MAC and Sephora as well as being the inspiration of designers. This kitty has come a long way from her days back in little red overalls, and traded them in for many fashion styles. Check out a few cute gift ideas for your valentine, or for yourself!

Hello Kitty boot slippers– stay warm and fashionable in these super-plush slippers, will definitely become your favorite way to lounge!


Hello Kitty footie-pajamas– Relive your favorite childhood pajamas, with these kitty footies. Made of fleece, with a texture grip at the sole of the feet. Stay warm from head to toe on cold nights!


Hello Kitty diamond and sterling silver studs– Jewelry is usually the go-to gift, but a true Hello Kitty fan would love to wear their favorite kitty on their ears. Especially when she looks that fancy!


Hello Kitty glamour swarovski bracelet– The simple design of a red bow and multi-toned swarovskis make this bracelet glam. Adorable! Shop before Feb. 14th and get 10%off with VALENTINE2012 code!


Hello Kitty silver-toned watch– I know most people use their phone’s to check the time, but this posh watch is a nice accessory to own. Clean-looking with the white leather band, and just the right amount of glitz with the sparkling dial. Now you can tell time with your favorite kitty right on your wrist!


Hello Kitty valentine pendant– Red hearts and Hello Kitty, can’t get more romantic than that!


Hello Kitty chic ring– This ring is probably one of my favorite pieces on this list, looks glam but the silver kitty-face keeps it fun. Looks like a perfect piece to show your Hello Kitty love!


Hello Kitty noir eyeshadow and lip gloss palette– This palette has 25 silky-shades for eyes and 10 pretty hues for your lips. Are you a makeup junkie and Hello Kitty lover?! Then this is the perfect gift for you!


Hello Kitty perfume– No you will not smell like a cat with this scent! Yes you will love the yummy fresh scent it has. With hints of: green apple, jasmine, violet, rose and sandalwood it might become one of your favorites. Can’t go wrong with a fruity floral scent!


Hello Kitty charmmy kohl eyeliner kit– This cute tin-pencil holder has seven eyeliners in a range of trendy colors. Including black, purple, brown, white, teal, navy, and light blue. A perfect kit to play with colors. These liners also have strawberry, apple, and grape-seed extracts to keep skin hydrated. Cute and thoughtful of your skins needs!


Hello Kitty shimmering shadow and powder palette– This palette is perfect for your purse. The shades are a great tool for smokey eyes, and the powder will complete the look with a bronzed complexion. Another plus, the sparkling bow on kitty!


Hello “smartie” Kitty wallet– This tri-fold pocket book is cute and nerdy all in one. It’s not just a cute design, it’s also handy with lots of compartments for your cards and cash!


Hello Kitty embossed bag– The bow on the corner and beautiful purple shade make it look ultra chic. If you look close enough you’ll see it also has Hello Kitty faces embossed.


Hello Kitty sequined wallet– Because this cat looks great in sequins! A nice and flashy wallet perfect for the Hello Kitty fashionista.

Hello Kitty punk rock tote– Hello kitty goes punk in this cute and grungy tote. Great bag for the weekend, or low-key days!


Did you use to be a Hello Kitty fanatic as a child?! Are you still?!

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