Vibrant hair colors to try for the summer

Did you ever want to dye your hair a bright color, but were worried about how it would look on you? Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a few styles and tips of trying out this vibrant haircolor trend so you can find a look that suits you.

Here are a few tips on trying out pink, violet, blue or any other bright color you’d like without the worry of looking like a smurf 🙂

– if you are worried about not liking the final result, do a strand test. Apply the dye on a strand of your hair, from the back-lower half of your head. Let the dye do it’s job and rinse, blow dry the strand to see the final result. If you like it, continue with the rest of your hair, if not try a different shade.

– go for a semi-permanent dye so the color washes off in a couple weeks. This gives you more freedom than having permanent pink hair. On the flip side, if you for sure want the color to be permanent; bleach your hair first then apply the color. This will make the bright color pop more.

– if you are worried about what the boss will say of your new do, get a less drastic look by dying only the tips or doing a few highlights. Pastel shades are also a nice way of wearing a more subtle shade of a vibrant color. Of course it’s always a great idea to ask and see what your jobs policy is on unnatural hair colors.

– if you are getting your hair colored at the salon, be sure to bring pictures of the exact color you want as a reference. Remember, there are many shades of pink and your version of soft-pink might not be the same as the stylist’s.

Рjust like all hair coloring, there are many styles to choose from with wearing bright colors. Thin or chunky highlights, ombr̩, balayage, top or lower half of head, and tips only are a few looks. Check out the images below for a better visual of this bright and fun trend.


pretty pastel pink hair


multi-color bright highlights



purple highlights for short hair




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