What to get him for Valentine’s day

Don’t know what to get him this year? Here’s a few ideas you can try! They are also good for any occasion, so be sure to bookmark this page for next time you need a gift guide for him.

  • Cook him his favorite meal and treat him to his ideal date.

    (Make sure he actually likes the food! Also make sure that its his ideal date, not yours.)

Not sure what to cook? Here’s a few simple and yummy recipes. -> Dinner recipes for 2  Does your guy like bacon? This one is sure to win your mans’ heart –Bacon explosion If you aren’t the best cook  just go to his favorite restaurant, or order his favorite  meal. Don’t forget to call ahead for reservations to avoid waiting.

  • His favorite movie or that new video game he’s been wanting.
  • A coat or jacket which fits his personal style. Hint, hint- what’s his favorite sports team? Or is he more of a peacoat kind of guy?


  • You can find a nice hat or beanie for him to wear. Just a few to browse through below…



  • Check out ThinkGeek.com if he is a techie kind of guy, likes star wars, or Marvel. They also have a section specifically dedicated to zombies & bacon! Bacon jam or hot sauce anyone?!