How to manage frizzy hair

It’s a bit difficult to flaunt the latest summer hairdos when your hair is frizzy and standing on end…

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Even when the weather is humid, there are some things you can do to reduce frizz and go back to having great looking hair. Check out these seven useful remedies to help manage frizz and put an end to unruly hair!

  • Let Your Hair Down– We’ve all pulled our hair back at times because we feel that hiding it in a ponytail will hide the frizz. However, pulling your hair back into a ponytail often breaks some of your hairs causing them to be the first to stand up in humidity.
  • Get Dirty-With your hair, that is! While it’s understandable that you want a clean and fresh smelling head, you shouldn’t wash your hair more than twice a week because washing often will strip your hair of its natural moisture.
  • Moisturize– The more moisturized your hair is, the less likely it is to get frizzy. You should use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner so that you nourish your hair. Applying a weekly hair mask is another great way to add moisture to your hair.
  • Get Chilly– This is a hard one. When washing your hair you should use cold water rather than warm water to rinse your hair. This helps refresh and make your hair look shiny.
  • No Towels Necessary– A towel can be abrasive and the rubbing motion can increase the chance of frizz. Instead of a towel use a t-shirt to pat your hair dry.
  • Say No To Product– Adding tons of chemicals to your hair is a sure fire way to get your hair to frizz at the first sign of humidity. If you really want to add something to your hair to manage your hair, use a product that’s natural such as safflower oil. If you do add product to your hair (including oils), do so when your hair is dry because wet hair will dilute the product and it won’t work as well.
  • Put The Dryer Down– Sure blow dryers can get our hair to dry quickly, but they can also cause all sorts of frizz. If you want to straighten your hair, the best way to go about it is to let your hair air dry ,and once it’s almost dried to use a ceramic flat iron to straighten it.
Good luck with your hair, hope these tips help keep it looking fabulous!

Which is your favorite trick to battle frizzy hair?! Got any tips of your own?! Comment below!

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